Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Movin' On to Pilot Point, TX

Tuesday, December 1, finds me up at 6:25 a.m. It is partly cloudy and no sign yet of the rain predicted for later today. The low is 41 according to our 'fake-weatherboy' but the Weather Channel says 37 or 38 degrees in surrounding areas.

We have the last of our breakfast tacos and add a Crispy Thingie. I stretch and we pack up pretty quickly. We're getting better at knowing where everything stows on board the Titanic. As I am backing up to the hitch, Earl comes by to say goodbye. Bob shows him where we left his floor mat. That saved us from the burrs for sure.

We pull out of Tres Pinoles at 11:15. It is a quick pull 59 miles south on 377 to FM 455 east in Pilot Point then FM 1385 south to Mustang RV, 9495 FM 1385, Pilot Point, TX 76258 (940) 365-1030. A gal comes out of the Camp Host trailer to greet us and points out Richard heading our way. He points us into site #12 and Bob expertly backs in. We get out in the chilly wind and talk to Richard. He heads up the mobile maintenance at Mustang RV Dealer/Maintenance on-site here. He worked for 5 years at Evergreen RV in New Braunsfels, TX, where we bought our first RV! What a small world. Anyway, he says he is a certified Atwood dealer and will take a look at our furnace while we're here.

We get set up just in time before the rain starts. We get sprinkled on while we're putting the bikes in the garage. After we unpack we drive to the Camp Host site but a guy comes out of the green maintenance shack and says he'll help us. So we go inside and pay him $120.00 for a week ($100.00 if 30 amps.) At first Bob said 5 nights and he thought we said 5 months. No way it's way too cold up here. He said the weekly rate would be cheaper than five days. After we headed to Aubrey for lunch we were pondering that from what we remembered about their rates on their web-site. (Later, after we get back from lunch, he knocks on the door and says "I overcharged you $10 for the weekly rate; I forgot it was winter rates. I'll settle up with you tomorrow." No problem--at least we know we weren't crazy.

We wind through the back roads south and west to 377 and find Betty's Cafe "Best Food in Texas." Got a Dallas Morning News from the machine out front. They have a daily buffet of home-cooked goodies for $9.99 (Richard warned us it was pretty pricey!) "I Love Lucy" decor. Everything was great. They had some kind of Turkey Timballs with a Cajun gravy (hard-cooked eggs in the sauce.) Lots of veges--we both thought the spinach was outstanding. They had a whole buffet of desserts; my favorite was the orange cake with butter creme orange frosting. Yum!

Drove through the post office across the highway to mail my cards. Cruised through Aubrey but nothing exciting. Headed north to downtown Pilot Point but not much open so we went back out to 377 and went to Dollar General. We found a 1000-piece puzzle that might keep us sane for the next four days in freezing weather. I found a bunch of sundries that were on my grocery list.

Back home Bob tried the furnace one more time but nothing doing. I got on-line and our connection sure is fast here. Way better than Enos. We have way more TV channels too. Of course we are only 10 miles from the suburbs of Dallas/Ft. Worth.

It's raining pretty steady at 5:07 p.m. and it is 45 degrees afte a high of 55 maybe.

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OsageBluffquilter said...

I think you need to post the recipe for those crispie things!!