Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Texas Friends and Iowa Friends

Mary Beth, Tom, Bob, Rita and Karen aboard The Titanic in Lampasas, TX
Tuesday, December 8, I got up at 6:30. The low was 41 last night. It is cloudy until later this afternoon. This morning the steps of the RV are wet and it is misty but not raining. My neck is hurting before I stretch but feels much better after that. We have a light breakfast and get cleaned up. Bob puts the golf clubs back in the truck. While I'm in the shower Bob gets a call from our friend Peggy in Elgin. She invited us to her and Michael's Christmas party next Saturday night in our old neighborhood. It's so nice of her to think of us and include us so we get to see everyone.

Shirley called about 9:30 this morning. Her and Tom, our Iowa RV friends, are just coming through Temple, TX, and will be here in about an hour. They got their truck back from the repair shop yesterday morning at 11:00 and drove to just south of Ft. Worth. This morning they hit the road at 5:30 a.m. Obviously they are earlier travelers than we are. I tell her about our lunch plans with our Texas friends and invite them to join us. But they just had a big breakfast so we agree to meet them afterwards. This will give them an opportunity for a nap. I would need one too if I got up and moved the RV down the road that early. We're sure looking forward to seeing them. I think it was June of 2008 when we last crossed paths with them and visited the Bridges of Madison County.

Around 10:30 I look out the big back picture window and see them coming south on Hwy 281. Soon the campground host is leading them around the Rec Room and into site 35 on our curbside. We jump out to say hi. It's so great to see them. We chat for a few minutes and then say farewell to let them get set up with a promise to look them up after lunch.

At 11:15 we head around the corner to The Yumm Factory. Just as we pull up my phone rings. It's Karen. She's over at Boone RV Park asking if we got our truck back or do we need a ride. How nice of her to think of us as she passed by. I tell her we got it back and just left the RV Park. I try to flag her down but she zooms by the parking lot of the restaurant. I see her turn around and head this way. Garmin gave her bad directions. It's great to see her. Mary Beth and Tom pull up right behind her.

We get a big table in the back room. Tom enjoys today's buffet. Bob has the catfish and the rest of us have the salmon patties. Bob and I enjoyed the mushroom brie soup. There was lots of gabbing as we caught up on a whole year. The lunch crowd cleared out and we were still gabbing. So we moved the party to the Titanic with Big Bertha leading the way.

They got the grand tour and we all settled in for tea and cookies. Tom had to jump up and move their hybrid as a big class A pulled into the site two slots over from us where he was parked. The sun comes out and it has really warmed up, getting to a high of 64 degrees. They all hit the road around 4:00. It sure was great to visit. Hopefully we can get back together before we leave the Austin area.

Bob and I cleaned up the plates and cups and spotted Tom and Shirley out for a walk in the late evening sun. We head around the circle and catch up with them on the far side. We all walk back to the Titanic so they can get a tour. We had a nice visit and enjoyed tea and cookies-what else? They headed home around 6:00 and we invited them for breakfast tacos tomorrow morning before we head our for the day's adventures.

Just as they were leaving my phone was ringing. I find a voice message from my Austin friend Jean. She's inviting us for lunch next Wednesday; Alton Brown Meatloaf seems to be involved. I can't wait. Seems like everyone knows our schedule fills up when we're in town and they are trying to get a bid in early. It is exciting to be near good friends this time of year as so often we are off on our own. That means we're always meeting new people and forming new connections but it means a lot to us to stay in touch with long-time friends.

We make a quick trip to HEB for a newspaper and tortillas. We get back in time for the NCIS's but they are both repeats. We read the Austin American-Statesman, work the puzzles, watch TV and I update my journal. It's 9:16 p.m. and 51 degrees with 85% humidity.

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