Thursday, December 17, 2009

Laundry Day

Thursday, December 17, sometime in the middle of the night I wake up and hear it raining. It pretty much drizzles all morning and finally we see a few patches of blue sky by late afternoon. I work on pictures and journal pages for a couple of hours this morning.

We decide to eat breakfast, get the laundry ready and go do four loads here at the RV Park. I walk down there in a light rain after the breakfast dishes to find three of the four washers are clunking away. So I go back home and we read for a while. At 12:30 we decide to go down Hwy 71 to Chili's for lunch. It is weird to come back here after all of our travels this years and find the same hostess greeting us at the door. Ah, life in a small town. Salad, soup and sandwich and we're out of there. Paper at Chevron and home in the rain.

The laundry is free now so we make short work of it in two hours. We look through the rear window of the laundry room at the site we were in last year with The Beauty and decide The Titanic is too tall to fit under that tree streetside. The clouds are breaking up at we lug our laundry home. Some white gunk is on my black pants and Bob's new brown pants. Usually it is leftover soap from some nutcase who used three times what they needed. Sure enough it comes out with a rinsing. Just one of the hazards of not using your own machines.

The paper beckons to be read. The nightly traffic is building on Hwy 71. It is more steady this year and does not back up at the top of the hill now that the 304 exit and overpass are completed. We have leftovers for dinner. Our favorite shows have been pre-empted by a two-hour Grey's Anatomy tonight which we have never followed. So Bob is reading while I catch up my journal. It's 7:26 p.m. and 49 degrees with 80% humidity after a high of 53 and a low of 46.

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