Sunday, December 13, 2009

Movin' On Back to Bastrop, TX

We can see the huge fog bank that has not quite cleared as we head east on Hwy 29 through Georgetown, TX
Sunday, December 13, I slept like a rock and got up at 7:30. It was so warm and humid when we went to bed that Bob turned off the heater in the living room resulting in 51 degrees when I stumbled down the steps this morning. Brrr! I stretched to keep warm while my coffee was brewing. Then I snuggled under Glenda's quilt and started reading Owen Perry.

We had Crispy Thingies for breakfast, packed up and hit the road by 11:06. Have to be more careful next time we pull out of this site. Bob took it wide to miss the utilities and the front of The Titanic was dangerously close to a live oak limb on the curbside. The sun is out and we actually worked up a sweat packing up--way different from when Tom and Shirley were out there packing up in the freezing cold just a few days ago.

Our route is the same as usual; southeast on 183 to 29 at Seward Junction. We decide 11:55 is a good time to pass the huge church on 29 in Georgetown. The parking lot was crammed and a police cruiser had just turned its lights on to direct traffic that would soon be pouring out of there. You can see the police car in the photo I took of the big fog bank that was still hanging in the eastern sky. Bob stayed in the left hand lane through the narrow part of 29 near the University and it was a good thing as those old live oak limbs looked pretty low and were sticking out into the righthand land.

Always feels good to turn south on Hwy 95--almost like we're home. We were glad to zoom by the turn to Pleasant Grove where we used to stay north of Elgin. There's way too many trees to deal with on that route. We're shocked to see Lundgren Chevrolet in Elgin boarded up and for sale. Wow! They were an Elgin institution.

We spot a sign for a new RV park as we go south towards our old neighborhood on 95. Not too many changes; we just hope they are not working on the next section of Hwy 71 in Bastrop in front of our RV Park. No need to worry as we pull in. I guess the economy has stalled the roadwork.

Bob winds his way to the big white farmhouse that is the office here at Bastrop RV Park, 689 Hwy 71 W., Bastrop, TX 78602 (512) 321-4404. A calico cat comes out to greet us. We ring the bell and step in the little office door. The cat jumps in with us. No one is home but I can't get the cat to leave. Finally I coax him out. We use our own facilities for a restroom break. Then we knock on the camp hosts' door and Betty from Ohio who we've met several years back comes out of her Big Horn 5th wheel to sign us in. We pay her $380.00/month for a 50 amp site all the way on the end by the Hwy. We'll see how the traffic noise is.

Bob backs in but the road is narrow and it's a tight fit. He can't pull forward to straighten out without going off the pavement so we jockey a few times and finally find a spot we like. We set up quickly after our 106 mile journey. We hang the bikes in the garage and head to The Cedars Grill (formerly Mama Mia's.) I opt for the Mediterranean menu; baba kanoush, lentil lemon soup and a vege wrap sandwich. Bob has Penne Rustica, one of our Mama Mia favorites.

Of course we have to stop at HEB on the way home; mostly for fruit but an Italian Creme Cake jumped in our cart. We love HEB's bakery. Back home Bob fills our fresh water tank in case of freezing weather later this week. It sounded like the pump didn't want to shut off the last time we used it in Lampasas and that usually means the tank is about empty. I used the time to put out my decor and get out some Christmas items.

We read the Sunday paper and worked the puzzles. Around 7:30 I called Glenda to let her know we're neighbors again. We make plans to watch Monday Night Football at her place. Can't wait to see her.

Our Internet connection through our 3G card is the fastest we've ever had here at Bastrop RV Park. There must be a new cell tower nearby. It's 9:45 p.m. and 54 degrees with 84% humidity. The high was 71 degrees! Now that's more like it. The low was 39 in Lampasas.

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