Friday, December 11, 2009

Lists, Labels and Christmas Cards

Thursday, December 10, I greeted the day at 7:30 a.m. I sure slept good and my neck is better this morning. I stretch first thing to keep it that way. As I enjoy my coffee I realize Bob will be surprised to know it is only 34 degrees outside this morning. It actually drops to 33 degrees an hour later. The high only gets to 48 and it remains partly sunny all day.

Tom and Shirley are all packed up and ready to leave. We go out into the cold morning air to see them off. I'm sure glad we're not out here packing up this morning. I guess those Iowans can take it. They pack up like pros. I sure hate to see them go but we had a really nice visit. This lifestyle is all about hellos and goodbyes. They are off to Abilene to pet sit while their kids go to disney World!

Bob and I are at loose ends after they pull out. We have leftover breakfast tacos and then he hooks the water back up so I can do the dishes and take a shower. The wi-fi is working again just like Shirley said it was. I send emails and pictures to all of our visitors of the past two days. And I get an email from Debbie, our Austin neighbor from way back in the 1980's who was at Megan's shower. She kept her promise to let me know when her daughter Jenny had her baby--it's a boy, Jake! I'm so happy for all of them.

I update my '09 Christmas card address list. I'm using our new desk by the entertainment area as Bob has a 1000-piece Thomas Kinkaid lighthouse puzzle on the dining room table. He traded it at the rec room for one we have worked already. If the 'club' showed up today we missed them or they are all on the other side of the RV Park. It only takes me one false start this year to print my address labels. I spend some time working on yesterday's journal page and photos.

We have leftover Molcajetes for lunch and then I get back to my Christmas cards. I'm trying to take a break every 30 minutes to keep my neck from hutring. At 7;00 we settle in to watch Flash Forward but it is a repeat. They have repeated every serial show this week. Probably just because we have good cable here.

I call Linda to tell her I heard about Jenny's new baby. She's going to get to see them this weekend. Linda celebrate her birthday at The Cheesecake Factory and described a Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake that sounded like heaven. Megan had her shower at the school where she teaches today. Linda said it was very nice and she got a lot of cute things. The nursery is looking good with white woodwork making the colors really stand out. Mike was at the Lake where it got really cold so he brought his stuff inside and tied flies. That's a good activity for a cold day. It's 8:40 p.m. and 39 degrees with 48% humidity.

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