Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pellegrino's Italian Ristorante

Last night's Texas sunset here at Mustang RV in Pilot Point
Thursday, December 3, it was 51 degrees in the living room when I got up and 33 degrees outside! There is a skim of ice on the puddles in the field out back. But after trying all of our faucets we seem to have escaped with no leaks. Bob doesn't reconnect the water hose outside until around noon but all seems fine. We stuffed foam in the living room and bathroom vents late last night. Later today Bob gets our spare foam from down under and cuts three pieces that fit for all of our vents. Believe it or not, it really helps keep it warmer. We stuffed some towels at the four edges of the two big slides in the living room/kitchen as we noticed a slight air leak.

The sun comes out bright and clear so we open all of the day/night shades and it warms up quickly in here to 74! We have a light breakfast and I stretch while the hot water heats up so I can do breakfast dishes. I get on-line and find an email from my cousin Ann. We're on for dinner tomorrow night in Denton at The Greenhouse on US77. I also hear from my brother Mike. Glad to know he's okay and was successful with my CDs.

While I vacuum and clean house Bob takes out the trash (brrr) and hunts up Richard. He comes by and tries the furnace one time and says he'll call Atwood. Not much of a diagnostician. We'll see what happens. He's running out of time if we're leaving on Sunday and he needs to order parts. He seems focused on fixing the bedroom slideout on a huge Escapade 5th wheel SURV that's parked across the road.

Bob and I went to lunch in downtown Pilot Point at Pellegrino's Italian Ristorante on Washington St. We're the only ones there and I see our Spanish speaking waitress turn up the thermostat when we walk in. I also spot an older gent in the kitchen who looks very Italian. There's hope!

The menu has lots of interesting seafood but we decide to start with basic Italian. I have Eggplant Rollatini and add a salad for $1.50. Bob has Spinach Cannelloni and thinks he added a salad. But our waitress has trouble with English and just brings him a bowl of the house Italian salad dressing with his entree. Go figure. No matter, our lunches are excellent. It's unusual to get Italian that is this authentic in Texas. Homemade bread rolls are piping hot and we leave with a 'go' box.

On to a horse lover/cowboy gift store near Ace Hardware where I find a Christmas gift but no gift box that I need for Saturday. We try Too Cute, a home decor store next door but no gift boxes there either. Bob gets diesel on the parking lot and I run in the cold wind to IGA for a Dallas Morning News. No gift box though. Home to read the paper. We hardly lost any heat at all while we were gone. The sunshine sure keeps it warm in here.

Tonight is Flash Forward and The Mentalist. We're close enough to DFW that we have great TV channels and reception as well as great Internet service. Too bad the weather is so awful.

It's 6:15 p.m. and 38 degrees. That doesn't bode well for tonight's low. The high was only 45 today. The humidity is 42%. Two nights in a row we have had a Texas sunset.

Tonight's Texas sunset here at Mustang RV in Pilot Point

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