Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bob vs. Down Under

Egg Art Jigsaw Puzzle
Wednesday, December 30, miraculously my neck pain eased off during the night and does not come back in spite of working on the 1500-piece puzzle off and on all day. I walk after breakfast, no rain today, and then return home to stretch. Some guy's car broke down in the turn-out in the median on Hwy 71 and he blocks the whole thing so no one can turn in or out of the RV Park. It's all about him.

Bob and I were working the puzzle when my Austin friend Holly called. She's hoping we can get together for lunch and a tour of The Titanic. Today is out as Bob is finishing the storage area down under before the next cold front. Tomorrow's out as we're meeting Steve and Elaine for New Year's Eve. Friday's traffic is no good on Hwy 71, or any other highway in the Austin area for that matter. So we decide on Saturday. Later I send her a Google Map as my brain was dead and Bob had to remind me that FM 20 on the western corner of the RV Park now has a stoplight so it is much easier to spot as you head east on Hwy 71. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

After leftover turkey dinner for lunch I get cleaned up and head to HEB where I pick up a bunch of things on my perpetual grocery list, except for the two things I specifically went for. HEB has no distilled water (for Bob's RV battery) on the shelf. I wait forever while a young guy goes in the back only to return and say they have none back there in the stockroom either. They are also out of Wednesday newspapers. Me and an older gent both stare at a stack of Sunday papers and say "Where's today's?"

So I have to go under the highway and stop at Walgreen's for distilled water and a paper. I score both for $2.00 even and make it home by 3:30. Bob has constructed his last storage box and now has 'down under' under control. It looks great. We just need to move the golf club in out of the back seat of Big Bertha. But first he has to add some water to the battery while he has everything out of there. This is the first time in 8 months and it only needed a little bit. I know he feels better having our 'stuff' organized at last. We sure miss the camper shell storage in The Beast.

With our chores done we work on the puzzle. After all we have to get it off the table for New Year's Eve cards and games. This turns out to be one of the hardest puzzles we've ever worked. We end the day with a bowl of Broccoli-Chicken Soup and read the paper. It's 8:15 p.m. and 51 degrees and 76% humidity. The high was 56 after a low of 41.

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