Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Party at Peggy and Michael's

Wreath Fudge
Saturday, December 19, I woke up at 7:30. My neck stiffness is back full-force. Ever since I got out of the Euro chair last night it has been killing me. I spent most of the night on the couch. This morning I sip my coffee and dig out dome postcards for the cookie baking gang at Holly's tomorrow and wrap some gifts.

We have a light breakfast and then I make my Wreath Fudge recipe that I found on the "RV-Dreams Journal" on-line site that Bob's cousin Patti turned me on to. It is easy to make and looks pretty; almost like a fruitcake. And you can change the ingredients for the season or holiday. I don't have an 8" round cake pan so I make it in my Pampered Chef small round stoneware dish lined with waxed paper. Next time I will use plastic wrap so it is easier to coax out of the pan.

It is sunny but cool all day with the wind out of the north. Bob and I go to lunch around 12:30 at Gracie's in Bastrop. It is still as good as last year. Our waiter was a guy who seems to be doing it all today. I had the Mango Tilapia and Bob had a Chef Salad with Vidalia Onion dressing and the Tomato Basil soup. Some older lady read the riot act to our poor waiter while he was at the register. He asked her to step out on the side porch and she said "I don't want to step out. I want everyone to hear me." He jockeyed her out on the porch anyway and they were out there quite a while. He smiled at me when he came back in and she left in a huff. Geez!

I went in to get a paper at the Shell station on the way home. I gave the gal seven dimes and the rest in nickels and quarters (yes, the Statesman is $1.00 now.) She laughed and said she works at Sonic and gets her change turned into bills before she leaves so she doesn't have to pay in coins for gas.

Deely, Michael, Duane and Mike

We went home to read the paper. Then we had showers and put on our party clothes. At 5:30 it is still light when we head to our old Cedar Hills neighborhood in Elgin. A bunch of folks were arriving as we got there at 5:50. It is always fun to see the old gang although a few were missing tonight. I added my wreath to the dessert island. We chatted with Jo and Bill. And Michael filled us in on their two flat tire experience earlier this year with their travel trailer. Soon we all filled our plates with assorted finger foods and stuffed our faces. I enjoyed a pumpkin dip served with green apples and ginger snaps.

Three big tables of Mexican Train dominoes got started and we played it out until the bitter end with that rascal Bill winning at our table. I got to chat a bit with Deb, and Duane too, since they were at our table. But Ellen was way across the room. We hope to get together with them after the holidays. It is nice of Peggy and Michael to include us when we return to Bastrop. We invited them down to see The Titanic.

Peggy's Desert Island

Back home the RV is showing 57 degrees inside. It's 11:31 p.m. After firing up both heaters it gets to 60 in a half an hour. Cookies at Holly's tomorrow. I can't wait.

Let the snacking begin!

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