Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Yumm Factory Cafe--Top 40 Texas Monthly Small Town Cafes

Friday, December 11, I was up at 7:30 to find the low was only 40 degrees. As I stretch I discover my neck is way better today. We have a light breakfast. Bob turns the water on (apparently there was no need to disconnect it.) I call for some year-end 'maintenance' appointments for these old bodies. We can't see the eye doctor (no pun intended) until Jan. 19th!

Bob retrieves another puzzle from the rec room and says there are people in there from the club that is meeting here this weekend. I work on Christmas cards most of the day. At 12:30 we go to lunch at The Yumm Factory Cafe but the parking lot is crowded so we drop by the post office for stamps, where there is no line of course since we're trying to kill time. Dawn, my hairdresser, returns my call from earlier while we're driving around and I fumble around to find a calendar, pen and paper to set an appointment with her next week. Boy, I sure don't multitask very well anymore. I guess I need a Blackberry or some such thing instead of my 5-year old boat anchor of a cell phone. We check out Dollar General on the square downtown for sundries. And finally we get a newspaper at Fina before returning to The Yumm Factory Cafe.

When we were here Tuesday with our Hill Country friends we didn't see the new framed cover of the December 2008 issue of Texas Monthly hanging behind the checkout. It lists the 40 Best Small Town Cafes in Texas and The Yumm Factory Cafe in Lampasas made the list! No wonder it is so busy now. Bob and I can say we discovered it before it was 'discovered'! Check it out at Texas Monthly.

We grab a free table quickly as there is a crowd due to the catfish buffet. But we order off the menu. I have the grilled salmon and Bob has the salmon patties. We both try the Shrimp Gumbo that was good but served lukewarm. We share our sides and leave with 'go' boxes.

Back home to work on Christmas cards. My friend Marilynn from Smithville, east of Austin, calls. She's having a showing of her jewelry that she makes tomorrow in front of Maxine's in downtown Bastrop. I was disappointed that Bob and I won't arrive in Bastrop until Sunday. She promises me a 'private' showing. She's going to Keystone, CO, with her daughter's family for Christmas week. It sure is nice to hear from her.

I'm back at work on my cards when Karen calls in the late afternoon. She's in Lampasas with her brother, Dick, and his wife. They ate at The Yumm Factory Cafe (too bad we missed them) and she wants to come by and show them The Titanic. We scramble to clear a path between the tray table with jigsaw puzzle pieces and my spread of Christmas card paraphernalia that is spread out astern.

Soon they pull up and come on inside. Bob and I met Dick in Wichita two years ago at Karen's family reunion but didn't meet his wife while we were there. We chatted for a bit. Her parents had an RV and went to Florida, near Ft. Meyers. She went with them during her summers off as a teacher. My Aunt Bernice and Uncle John wintered in Ft. Meyers during their retirement. We gave them the tour of The Titanic and they all hit the road.

Just before 7:00 I finished my cards and Bob finished his puzzle. We had leftover Molcajetes, read the paper and watched Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (an Alaska episode!) It's 8:25 p.m. and 46 degrees with 63% humidity. The low was 48

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