Monday, December 21, 2009

Cookie Bake at Holly's

Only five days until Christmas on Holly's Advent Calendar
Sunday, December 20, I'm up early with my neck feeling better after an Advil last night. Bob gets up too and we have a fairly hearty breakfast with protein involved as I know most of the rest of the day will involve mostly carbs--and not very healthy one!

I pack all of my ingredients and utensils in Big Bertha and hit the road for Austin at 10:00. The traffic is light and I find KGSR (it's now at 93.3 on the radio dial--who knew?) I stop at HEB at Spicewood Springs and get a Sunday paper. I call Holly to see if she needs anything but she says no. I get to her place about 11:15. She helps me haul it all in the house. Ethan and Doug are setting up the electric train set in the family room while Penny the cat watches. Doug says she loves to steal the long, thin parts like telephone poles.

Soon Patti and her newly-adopted daughter Jessica arrive. Great to see Patti and I'm pleased to be able to meet her daughter. Jessica celebrated her 17th birthday with a skating party yesterday. Holly has her ingredients all neatly stacked so I take a picture before we trash her kitchen. What fun we have turning out quite a few delectable goodies. Holly and Jessica tackle Snickerdoodles and Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies. Patti makes fudge and puts it in mini-muffin cups and sprinkles it with white snowflakes. What a pretty finished product.

Jessica tempts Penny with her new kitty bed as Doug and Ethan look on

I start with a white chocolate and butterscotch version of Wreath Fudge that works way better by lining the pan with plastic wrap instead of waxed paper. Then I make Haystacks with mini M&M's. Holly and Jessica move on to Peppermint Bark. Patti makes Pecan Bars that look oh so gooey! Doug gets in on the action in the kitchen by trying to fire up his new Mr. Coffee espresso machine. But all he gets out of it is a weird noise. So after a few tries he declares that the calcium deposits need to be cleaned out and he moves on to Holly's new Frappechino maker. He's determined to provide us with a holiday buzz! And of course I'm all for it. His Mocha Frappechino's are a success! Although we are all startled as the machine stops and starts on its own. Holly adds a dash of whipped cream to her snowman glasses and Voila! It's a holiday party drink.

Doug is all smiles just before the Espresso Machine fails to work

The Frappechino Machine comes through for us!

This spurs me on to make Rice Crispy Marshmallow Treats with candied cherries. Holly produces a new item; Lime Cooler-very tasty. And Holly's neighbor Amy shows up with all the fixing's for her famous toffee. It's a homemade Heath Bar--one of my all-time favorite candies! My purse is on the table and I actually hear my phone ringing and I'm glad I did. It's Dan, our Elgin neighbor. Nice of him to call and let us know Joyce is recovering from some health issues and not up to holiday hostessing this year. I lose my connection and call him back. We agree to meet after the holidays.

Holiday Mocha Frappe ala Doug!

Wreath Fudge

I break out my sausage, cheese and rye breads that I brought. That goes over big as we have all sampled way to many sweets; not to mention those Mocha Frappe's. Doug takes a group photo, we pack up bags of goodies for the kids at the Settlement Home and divide up the remainder for the cooks. Somehow I get all of my equipment together and hit the road around 4:45 in time to make it home before dark. What a fun day. It's nice of Holly to think of me when she plans her annual cookies bake. Bob and I will really enjoy the box of microwave popcorn she gave us. She's good about not breaking the rules for RV gifts!

Patti, Amy, Jessica, Rita, Holly

On the way home the gas gauge in the truck fails again. Now why wouldn't it do that when we were Lampasas trying to get it fixed? Bob has had a full day and got quite a few projects done; including an unscheduled one when he found a small shower leak while repairing loose trim in the bathroom. Glad he found that before it got bad.

We read the paper and relax for the rest of the evening. I'm too tired to work on my journal but I do check my email and send a few messages.

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