Saturday, December 5, 2009

Megan's Baby Shower-Vroom Vroom!

Transportation theme cake by Dallas Affairs
Saturday, December 5, something at Greenhouse didn't agree with me so I had a restless night. I moved to the living room to read for a while and ended up on the couch in spite of the cold. It was 56 in the living room when I woke up at 7:30 after 5 hours of sleep.

Flowers and fruit!

I had to get in gear with my morning routine. But first I got my gift box and wrapped it all up. Bob and I had breakfast, I got cleaned up and decided on my wardrobe. Bob got the Camping World purchases out of the truck and I hit the road at 10:00. As I got in the truck I heard water running and saw a stream coming out of the bottom of the travel trailer on our streetside. What a bummer. No one has been there since we've been here and it looks like an internal pipe or holding tank burst underneath. These are the things that keep us on the edge of our seat when we're in freezing weather.

Julie presents the diaper tier with a flare

Big Bertha's diesel doesn't like the cold at first but she soon warms up as I head south out of the RV Park on 1385 to 380 east. There's no traffic on the sunny, cold Sunday morning. The low was 27 last night and it is only 31 as I leave at 10:00. My drive only takes 45 minutes and I find Kelly's beautiful home in Allen, TX, on the first try.

It's a Boy!

Linda is just pulling up with her friend and I quickly hand her all of her Tupperware that she sent home leftovers in. She gives me the stack of CDs that Mike had of mine. We quickly head inside as the air is chilly. Megan looks very cute and has a nice turnout for her shower. Kelly, Julie, Jessica and Sylvia have done an outstanding job.

The Amezcua gals-our neighbors from our first home in Austin

Megan and Casey's nursery theme is Transportation and her friends have incorporated the theme into the shower. The cake by Dallas Affairs is gorgeous and later prooves to be delicious as well. The food is excellent and beautifully presented on Kelly's huge kitchen island. I love the bicycle chocolate molds in the spirit of the transportation theme. Megan gives me one each, dark and white chocolate, so Uncle Bob has one too!

Megan says "All of these colors will overstimulate Baby Frank"

I'm delighted to see all of the Amezcua girls. And Megan's neighbor Linda again so soon. Julie's Mom says they didn't get caught in bad weather in Lubbock after Thanksgiving. I have a great time chatting with everyone and cannot remember the last baby shower I attended. It was probably for my admin, Sheilah, at EDS and that had to be over 20 years ago. Geez!

Casey's sister, Mackenzie, Megan, Casey's Mom, Debbie and Linda

Of course I took lots of photos. Megan had fun opening all of her gifts. She sure got some nice ones. I got a kick out of her asking as she opened my gift "So what are the rule for having wrapping paper in the RV?" I told her I had small amounts for emergencies but my new RV has storage under the dining room chairs that is perfect for wrapping paper. If only she knew the box is the hard part. Well, she will know if she reads my on-line journal for the last week.

Aunt Rita and Megan

Kelly's husband brings their little Broadie down for a visit at the end. What a cutie! I have a nice chat with Linda. We load all of the gifts into Megan's car. I say farewell and head home. I stop at QT to get a DMN and call Bob to tell him I'm on my way. I missed my turn at 1385 off of 380 so had to take the slightly longer route up 377. But I got there in about the same time.

Chocolate Bicycles

Bob was starving so we headed into Pilot Point to Pellegrino's. But it is only 3:00 and they don't open until 4:00. So we go back to the RV Park and bring the bikes in and pack up some loose items after I change my clothes. By that time it is 4:00 and we head back to Pellegrino's after stopping to fill up the truck. Lo and behold the gas gauge stopped working again. Now we have to put that back on the list of things to get fixed. They are open and we are greeted at the door by the guy I thought was Italian last time. He is alone today and does it all and I discover his accent is distinctly Hispanic. But he sure makes a mean Italian red sauce.

Megan, Jessica and Julie

Bob has Gnocci alla Romana, a new menu item; Italian potato and cheese dumplings with meat sauce and ricotta cheese and mozzarella. I have Chicken Carcofi; mushrooms and artichokes sauteed in white wine lemon sauce. Both are great and we leave with 'go' boxes.

It really was very good cake!

Back home to read the paper and work the puzzles. I download my pictures and work on journal pages for the past two days. We're moving south tomorrow but we sure hope this wind dies down. It's 9:20 p.m. and 39 degrees. Now they say no freeze tonight but do we trust them? The high was 45 after a low of 27. The humidity is 50%.

Purcell, OK, Casey's hometown

Texas Child

Vroom Vroom!

Shower Invitation, Casey and Megan Baby Pictures

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