Saturday, December 26, 2009

Laundry and Maintenance-Christmas is over!

Tried to get a picture of our Candy Cane in The Titanic's living room window but the clouds are reflecting on the tinted windows.
Saturday, December 26, I slept in until 7:30. That was amazing considering I passed out at 9:45. It got down to 33 last night. Bob cut the water off to be on the safe side. The sun is out and the wind is calm so it warms up quickly to a high of 55 that felt more like 65. After a light breakfast of toasted 9 Grain Bread (thanks Elaine and Steve-what a great bread!) I took a walk. Someone was in the laundry room as I went by the first time but they were gone when I got back to our row.

Hilltop view of the City of Bastrop out our back window.

I stretched, packed up four loads, including the quilts and afghan, and headed down there to the now-empty laundry. Bob helped me carry it down but then returned to his sub-basement organization down under. I was done by 2:00 and we had leftovers for lunch. I have a voice message from Glenda about the Cowboys game tomorrow night. I'll have to call her when we get back. We go to Home Depot looking for drawer units for Bob's organization down under. Didn't find the right size but Bob spotted the Bruce Dura Luster wood floor cleaner that I have been looking for. Been searching for it for months. Our wood floor manufacturer recommends it. I found one bottle in Ohio in a True Value Hardware Store last summer but haven't found it since. We looked at 20 Home Depots but I was always looking with the cleaning supplies and found other brands. Today Bob spotted it as we cruised by the linoleum/wood floor aisle. Who knew?

One more stop at Lowe's but their storage units are slim pickens too. Home to read the paper. I took one more walk as the sun set. We had breakfast for dinner and relaxed for the evening. I'm catching up my journal until The Mentalist at 9:00. It's 8:15 p.m. and 47 degrees with 50% humidity.

On to Chevron for a paper and Wal-Mart to look at storage units. Still trying to find the right dimensions but we did pick up a few sundry items. The lines weren't bad at all.

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