Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reet 'n Bob vs. Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve!

Thursday, December 24, it was hot and humid when we went to bed last night. But during the night the wind started blowing and rocking the RV. By 6:00 a.m. it was chilly. Bob got up and turned the heater on in the living room and crawled back in bed. At 6:30 I got up and it was 62 degrees out there. The sun is out and the wind is blowing out of the west. It clouds up by noon and later the wind switches out of the north. All day our main slide awning is whipped by the strong winds. I'm worried we'll lose it.

I check email and have the cutest You Tube link from Glenda:Silent Monks "Singing" the Hallelujah Chorus We laughed our fool heads off. We lounge all morning. I put on some Christmas CD's. Love the Three Tenors and I have to play Dean Martin's Holiday Favorites every year. We have pancakes for breakfast and lounge some more.

Around noon I stretch and have a shower. I left a voice message for Joyce and Dan from our old Elgin neighborhood. We're going up to Morelia's in Elgin for lunch and I wanted to see if we could stop by and say Merry Christmas around 3:00. My heart skipped a beat when I didn't get an answer but I'll just pretend they are out doing last minute shopping and everything is okay with them.

Apparently that is what the rest of Bastrop County is doing today. Around noon we brave the cold wind. The high yesterday was 74 and it has dropped steadily since early this morning to 46 by the time we leave for lunch. I'm not complaining because most of the rest of the country is buried under snow.

We stop for diesel and pay $2.69/gal at Chevron where I get the last Statesman. Just down the road we see $2.46 at Shell-Oh well. We stop in Blockbuster but can't find Boston Legal. We want to watch the entire series but no one seems to have it for rent. Then we head north on 95 to Morelia's in Elgin.

The hostess is the same gal but our waiter is new. Our entrees are even better than we remember. Bob has Chicken Conquistador and I have Shrimp Avocado. My mushroom soup is to-die-for. We don't know whether to be glad or sad that Morelia's is not in Bastrop! We cross 290 to Family Dollar to look for a jigsaw puzzle to get us through the cold weekend. But they don't have anything over 500 pieces.

On our way south on Hwy 95 we stop in Pepper's, the new RV Park Glenda and Peggy told us about. It certainly has possibilities. It is larger than we thought it would be. The sites are spacious and it looks like they have cable. That circle in the back may have some low-hanging branches but it is doable.

As we cruise through Bastrop we decide to brave Wal-Mart and look for a puzzle. It wasn't too bad except for the check-out lines. But we find a tough looking egg mosaic jigsaw with 1500 pieces so that should keep us busy.

Home to read the paper. We discover we inadvertently left the heater on in the living room which we don't like to do when we leave for that long. But secretly we were kind of glad as it is toasty in here when we return. Bob's watching a movie and I'm working on journal pages.

It was a tough decision as to whether we would make the trek to Dallas to be with my brother and his family for Christmas. We sure appreciated their invitation. But the weather was a huge factor as our furnace isn't working so we couldn't leave it on low to keep our pipes from freezing. For a while I was second-guessing our decision as it was 74 degrees yesterday. But now we're looking like geniuses. There is a freeze predicted for the next four nights here and the Big D is usually colder. Bob said he just heard there is 5 inches of snow up there somewhere. Oh well, maybe next time.

It's 6:22 p.m. and 39 degrees with 50% humidity.

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