Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lunch with Glenda then All Aboard The Titanic

Wednesday, December 23, I get up at 7:00. It is very warm and humid today.; not much like Christmas with a low of 60 and a high of 74 and 65% humidity. But we're not complaining. Sounds like the Midwest is buried in snow.

I checked email but no word from Glenda so I called her before 9:00. She didn't get my voice message last night. Turns out I left it on her cell phone. And I was so sure I was leaving it on her home phone because I knew she wouldn't check her cell. Oh well. We're on for lunch at 1:00 at Gracie's.

We have toast for breakfast. I clean up the kitchen, take a shower and drive to HEB to get ingredients for a vege dish for Christmas Day at Steve and Elaine's. The mob was not too bad down there and I picked up some other things on my list. When I got back home the door was locked. Bob's at the pond fishing. Soon he returns and reports that the fish are just as stupid down there. He caught 27 bass in one hour!

At 12:35 we head to Gracie's downtown Bastrop. Quite a bit of traffic over the bridge into downtown. Glenda pulls up a few minutes later although she thought she might have to call us and tell us she would be late as some truck was causing traffic to be completely stopped. We found a table by the window and all three ordered today's Meatloaf Special and they actually had three left. A young gal started out as our waitress but the guy who waited on us last time ended up taking care of us. Lunch was good and we even got dessert, small strawberry or cherry cake.

Glenda meets us at Boone RV Park. She fits right under the hitch on the Titanic. We give her the grand tour. I'm happy that she finally got over here to see our new home-on-wheels. We had a nice chat. And of course I had to drag out some Christmas sweets so we had dessert twice! She left around 4:00 to beat the traffic. We wished her a Merry Christmas and sent her on her way.

I took a walk and Bob cleaned out the sub-basement down under. We had anj ecard from Paul and Marge, RVers we met in Michigan-was it three or four years ago? Nice to hear from them. It's 5:40 p.m. and 71 degrees.

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