Monday, December 28, 2009

City Cafe and Cowboys vs. Redskins

Sunday, December 27, I was up at 7:30 to a low morning temp of 35 degrees. It is sunny and calm. The high gets to 58. Glenda calls around 11:00. Our football watching tonight is on hold. Her weekend visitors had a trip to Bastrop Emergency. If all is okay to drive back to Dallas they'll leave some time today. Glenda will call when she knows something.

After breakfast dishes I take a walk, stretch and check email. We've been asked to lunch tomorrow with Jo, Bill, Joyce and Dan. I'll ask Glenda to join us when I talk to her later. After lunch they are all coming here for a tour of The Titanic and dessert.

Bob and I have leftover turkey dinner for lunch (thanks Elaine!) and head to Dollar General in Bastrop. They have no storage units in the right size. So we head to HEB for groceries and a paper. Then we go home to lounge and read the paper and work the puzzles. Our neighbor streetside in the travel trailer with the broken hitch (from the big storm several years ago here) is home for the first time. Yesterday we noticed him. I guess now we'll be fighting over the shared parking space.

I make Rice Krispy Treats for dessert tomorrow in order to use up my red and green cherries from Holly's cookie bake. Glenda calls while I'm reading the paper. Her guests are off to Dallas so our football watching is on. We say we'll pick up Stromboli at Buck's and see her around 7:00. A little later I look up Buck's Pizza's phone number and browse their menu on the Internet. I call them around 5:30 but get a recording "This number is no longer in service." Weird. So I call Glenda and tell her we'll pick her up and go to City Cafe if that works for her. She's game. First we have to take one set of golf clubs out of the back seat so we can put the seat up for our passenger. Bob is so close to being done 'down under' and we won't have to move the clubs around any more.

On the way to Cedar Hills we encounter a big wreck on Hwy 71 right in front of Buck's Pizza. EMT and firetrucks are there. A semi hit a car and demolished it. It could be the telephone pole was involved so perhaps that is the problem with Buck's phone number. We'll investigate further. We pick up Glenda and Bob detours to Family Dollar in Elgin where he runs in and buys two storage drawers. Yeah! The hunt is over. Glenda and I chat in the car and wait for him.

Then it's on to City Cafe downtown. Glenda spies her friend Becky's son, Buddy, as well as a whole table full of church people. She always sees someone she knows when we're out and about in Elgin. Bob has the grilled chicken salad but it doesn't seem as plentiful as before. I have grilled catfish (usually one of my favorites here but today it is dry.) Can the new ownership have something to do with it all? Glenda has nachos. We head to her place to watch the game by 7:15. It's a good thing she has Tivo.

She re stokes her fire and it revives. I look through her quilt books and we make a plan for the winter, spring, summer and fall set she's going to create for us. We like her new digital photo frame that Dan loaded 147 pictures on.

The Cowboys easily defeat Washington. Glenda shares some of Peggy's Raisin Bran, apple, walnut bread. We have my Haystacks, Rice Krispy Treats and Wreath Fudge. And of course we enjoy her Gevalia's coffee as usual. Glenda is so generous. She gives me two quilted bird wall hangings. I just love the colors and textures in these delightful mini-quilts. She also has a spare 2010 calendar that she shares after I said we either get five calendars for Christmas or none.

I fail at setting her cell phone to more rings before it goes to voice mail. I will try again after looking at my instructions. We hit the road at 11:00. It is chilly; 38 degrees. We hit the sack as the bedroom is warmer.

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