Wednesday, May 7, 2008

05-13-2007 Laundry and Mariachis at Mariscos on Mothers Day

Sunday, May 13, I took a walk first thing this morning just after our light breakfast. I stuck my head in the laundry room and no one was there. So I got a big Sunday paper by the propane tank (only $1.00) and came home to stretch for a bit. Then I packed up four loads of laundry and drove to the big laundry room next to the office and the poolroom. I left Bob doing a bunch of repairs and cleaning (new sere hose, trim trees so we can move the TV antenna, seal the bathroom vent, vacuuming and cleaning.) I got off easy with the laundry.

I had to wait 15 minutes as a lady had just put all of her stuff in the four washers. She has lived here in the Park for seven months. Her and her husband live and work in Albuquerque. They are also attending a family reunion this summer in Colorado but more in the southern part of the state. It was two and a half hours before I finished the laundry. I read a Golf magazine while I waited; that will surely mess up my swing. I got a snack from the vending machine since it is after 2:00 and I'm getting hungry. Back home I made tuna salad and set out some fruit for lunch. We watched the Player's Championship and saw Phil Mickelson win as Sean O'Hair hit two balls in the water on #17 island green.
I finally took a picture of our new Dream Catcher that is now quietly doing its job on our bedroom wall. I went for a walk and stretched as the laundry fried my back. Bob got cleaned up and we drove to Central Ave. then went north on Coors where we found Marisco Mexican Seafood. The place was hopping for Mothers Day. Out of the hundreds of patrons jammed in the place, Bob and I along with two other RV couples were the only Anglos in the place. A three-piece band was serenading the folks at each table. They turned out to be just the 'warm-up' band. After our Shrimp (for me) and Fish (for Bob) Veracruz arrived, so did and eight-piece Mariachi Band. Check out their outfits in this photo.

Hector, our waiter, was overwhelmed by two large groups of diners--we enjoyed the music while waiting for our check. We finally got out of that mad-house with a new fashion rule learned from a late teen-early twenty something young lady "If you have to wear suspenders (over your tight tank top) to hold up your hip-hugger jeans; perhaps you should re-think wearing hip-huggers." Of course I could be showing my age and ignorance and not even be aware that this is the hottest new fashion trend. If that is so, my statement still stands. She'll see photos of herself when she's older and say "What was I thinking?"
Back home we took a walk to the back row of the RV Park so I could snap these photos of the restored Hudson and Shasta travel trailer parked by the owner's residence. Way cool! Rain clouds are on the western horizon as the sun goes down. The high was 83 degrees and the low was 53. I called Mom around 8:00 (9:00 CDT.) Carla and Michael were out for a visit this morning. Carla went to church with Mom and they all had breakfast tacos that Dad fixed. Wish I could have joined them. I left a voice message for Carla wishing her good luck with her out-patient surgery tomorrow.

It's 10:30 p.m. and 65.7 degrees.