Sunday, December 6, 2009

Movin' On Back to Lampasas, TX

Sunday, November 6, I got up at 6:30. It is much warmer this morning at 36 degrees. I lean over to pick up my sweater and get a kink in my neck that lasts all day. Life is weird like that. I stretch and put a heat pack on my neck and feel somewhat better. We have a hearty breakfast, pack up under gray skies and hit the road. All the hoses are cold and stiff after the cold spell the past week.

We pull out of Pilot Point at 9:50; pretty early for us. South on 377, west on 380 around the north loop of Denton to I-35W and south to outer loop of Ft. Worth. Traffic is heavier than we thought it would be but is manageable. The exit to I-30 is one lane and we anticipated two lanes but a nice guy in a big black pickup let us over or we would have had to head down I-35 through downtown Ft. Worth. Instead we wing our way west on I-30 and connect with I-20 west past Weatherford and Mineral Wells where we think of Dave and Marty and our rendezvous last year.

We find diesel at a Valero off I-20 and take a pit stop. Then we head south on 281 on our familiar route towards Lampasas. We stop in a gas station at the right turn in Hico. And we stop for a mini-break on a parking lot just south of Hamilton. We arrive at Boone RV Park, 1907 Hwy 281 South, Lampasas, TX 76550 (512)-556-5171 at 2:00-just over four hours and 223 miles.

The same nice couple checks us in at the office. They moved here from Massachusetts after wintering here for quite a few year. He says they had 18 degrees here a few mornings ago. Wow! She gets in the golf cart and shows us to site #36 as they didn't think "that big thing" would fit in #35. We were in there last year in The Beauty. We're taller but shorter (in length.)

By 2:45 we're set up and we head to El Rodeo for a Molcajete (mocha hey' teh) for two. A Molcajete is a three-legged lava rock that they heat the entree in. It looks like a mortar and pestle. We had chicken with peppers, onion and tomatoes in a tomatilla-like sauce. It is heated in the rock with melted Monterrey Jack. Heaven! We're glad this place is still here.

Next it's on to HEB after stopping at Fina for a Sunday Austin American-Statesman. We get produce and manage to find a bunch of stuff. This is one of our favorite HEB grocery stores. Back home to stow groceries and read the paper. But first I return a voice message from our Iowa RV friends, Tom and Shirley. They had truck fuel injection trouble in Edmond, OK, and hope to get their truck back tomorrow. So they won't have time to drive all the way to Houston like they planned. Instead they hope to drive down to Lampasas and spend Tuesday and Wednesday night here before they go to Abilene on Thursday. How fun. I'm sorry for their truck problems but we'll be happy to get to visit with them.

I sent emails and got replies from Mary Beth, Tom and Karen. We all hope to meet for lunch on Tuesday. Sure will be great to see them again. What a long day. I sure am exhausted AND my neck hurts. It's 10:42 p.m. and 50 degrees! Much warmer here. The high was 53 and the humidity is 89%. I just went out to the truck to get the hours for The Yumm Factory and was surprised to see mist and fog.

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