Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Prairie House Frontier Food & Catering, CrossRoads, TX

Wednesday, December 2, the wind rocking the RV woke me up at 7:00. It was 56 degrees in the living room and 34 degrees outside! When I opened the blinds there was standing water covering the field behind us and most of the RV Park grounds. Worse than that, there was 1/4 inch of snow covering the bike cover on the back of the RV and sticking to the streetside window in the back. What a nightmare! At least none of our pipes are frozen.

I got on-line, the connection is great here, and sent an email to my cousin, Ann, in Flower Mound. Hope we can get together while we're so close. The DeLorme Mapping Software shows them to only be 34 miles south of here. I had no idea it was so close. Ann must check her email often because after breakfast and a stretch I check again and she copied her hubby, Tim, on my email and we're working out when and where to meet. I'm very excited. The last time we saw them was four years ago at Megan and Casey's wedding in Dallas.

Bob goes outside in the cold wind to give the furnace one more try and make sure it was getting propane. No dice. So he walks over and talks to Wayne in the office. He says Richard will call us later as he is working on someone else's rig right now.

We bundle up--Bob had to hunt up his heavy coat; haven't seen it since we've been in the new rig! We go south on FM 1385 to Hwy 380. That will be my route to the shower on Saturday. We roam around looking for restaurants and finally go to Prairie House frontier Food & Cateringon 380 at 377. We saw it on our way to Megan's Thanksgiving Day and I had suggested it to Ann for our rendezvous point.

From the outside it reminded us of the place in Iowa that Tom and Shirley took us to. But it is completely different inside. I have a Buffalo Burger with sweet potato fries and Texas jalapeno beans. Bob has the grilled chicken special of the day with two sides and a salad. We were not overly impressed with our lunch so we'll have to steer Ann and Tim somewhere else. Good thing we tried it first.

We stopped at Diamond grocery store in Aubrey on the way home. Not much in the way of produce choices. Back home by 3:00. Lost 10 degrees in the RV while we were gone.

It's 5:12 p.m. and 43 degrees. The high was 44 after our low of 34. Yikes! I heard from my brother Mike. He had success with my CDs. I was glad to hear from him as I missed him last night.

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