Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Big Bertha Needs a Fix and Football with Glenda

A plate of the goodies we baked at Holly's on Sunday
Monday, December 21, we get in gear and decide to take Big Bertha down to Covert, the GM dealer in Bastrop, to have them look at the fuel gauge now that it failed again. So before breakfast Bob goes out to start it up and sure enough the gauge is still not working; now it's stuck at 3/4 full again. So we skip breakfast, hop in the truck and drive down the hill to Covert. Dave, our friendly service manager, looks all around our truck while we're in the waiting room. Bob decides he's looking for a dealer logo to see where we bought it. That's gone in the wreck in Ohio. Anyway, he has the mechanic look at it to see if we need to bring it back another day.

We read the paper while we wait but decide it is rude to work the crossword puzzle in the complimentary paper in the lobby. About an hour later Dave comes by to tell us they think it's the sending unit inside the tank and it will take about four hours since they have to remove the tank. We tell them to go for it. It's just after 11:00 by now so we walk up a few parking lots to Chili's for brunch. Dave says he'll call when it's done and they'll come pick us up at the RV Park. On the way off the Chevy lot we find a brand new diesel truck in a perfect color. We keep walking quickly. Where was that when we were in Ohio looking for a truck.

I tried a new menu item at Chili's; Crispy Shrimp Tacos. Well at least that's what I ordered but she delivered fried shrimp over french fries. So I sent mine back while Bob ate his turkey avocado sandwich. He did share his fries with me. Soon my Crispy Shrimp Tacos arrived and they were worth the wait; grilled shrimp in small corn tortillas with black beans, rice and slaw. Very tasty.

We walked up the hill to our RV Park and were home by noon. It's not nearly as far as it is to walk to the Chevy dealer in Lampasas from our RV park there. Bob works on his rod holders 'down under.' I work on journal pages and pictures. I called Glenda to say we're on for Football if she is. But we have to see if we get our truck back so I'll call her when I know something. She offers to come get us (how nice of her!) but we'll just hope we get Big Bertha back. She said Joyce walked down the street and visited with her for a bit. I was glad to hear she felt good enough to get out.

Just before 3:00 Dave calls and says it was not the sending unit. It was the fuel pump inside the tank. It was laying loose on the bottom of the tank. A screw came out that was holding it. Maybe it was never tight from the time it was built. Anyway, we're very lucky it didn't strand us somewhere. Sooner or later the fuel pump would have failed. Looks like Jean's Evil Eye is taking care of us already!

Bob tells Dave we'll just walk down. Heck, it's all downhill now that we're back up here at Boone RV Park overlooking Bastrop. It only takes 10 minutes to walk down there. Our work is covered under warranty and we are out of there. I call Glenda when we get home and leave a voice message that we'll see her between 6:30 and 7:00.

I make up a sausage and cheese platter and a plate full of Christmas cookies. We get to Glenda's just before 7:00. Bob hands her a UPS package that is on the porch. Nice snap and seal plastic storage containers.

We give her the Quilting Angel pin that we found at Fulton's Oysterfest way back last February. She has me pin it to her collar right away and I take a picture. We discuss Holly's friend's web page about how to look better in photos. I'll have to get that from Holly and post it. It's a real hoot.

Glenda shows off her Quilting Angel pin

Bob sets a new ring tone on Glenda's phone although I don't think any of us were thrilled with the choices that came with her new phone. We break out snacks and beverages and settle in for the game. The Redskins were not informed that they were playing tonight so they don't bother to show up against the Giants. It was a massacre. But we had lots of junk food. Glenda found a nice Raspberry Chipotle dip that was great on my mini cheese and sausage on rye.

We left just after 11:00 with a promise to meet for lunch on Wednesday in Bastrop so Glenda can come see our new home on wheels. We get home before 11:30. It's warm out after a beautiful day so the RV is not too chilly.

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