Friday, November 20, 2009

Work a Puzzle on a Drizzly Day

Lone Wolf 'shape' puzzle
Friday, November 20, I woke up at 5:15 with a stiff neck and the beginnings of a headache. So I just got up. We went to bed early anyway, around 11:00 (that's early for us.) And I slept soundly while I slept but once I woke up there was nothing to do but get up. It is really dark and quiet here in the State Park compared to our RV Park in Tulsa. Except Brian (Cat Man next door) left at 5:00 a.m. in his big CAT truck. That was pretty noisy.

I finished reading my book as I sipped my coffee. At 8:00 I opened the shades to discover an overcast, drizzly morning. But the low was 58; that's way warmer than Tulsa. It only gets up to 60 but the drizzle stops around 3:00. We make a command decision to stay in and work a puzzle. We found a Lone Wolf Shape Puzzle of 1000 pieces at River City Trading Post for $1.00. So we might as well work it and add it to the bag of Goodwill stuff before we drop that off.

First I took a walk before Bob even got up. I took my camera but I'm not sure why as I had to hide it under my sleeve to keep the water off. I thought I might see the two deer we saw by the road as we came back last night. One of the does is limping on her front leg. Brian says she has been that way for about a month. But I didn't see anything this morning except for a few birds. There is only one RV in the campground by the lake other than the camp hosts. I did take this picture of The Titanic in site 11a, next to the slot where I took a picture of The Beauty last year. Weird!

The Titanic in site 11a at Lake Murray State Park Nov 2009

We have breakfast, I stretch and we work our puzzle. I take a break for a shower. Then we have leftover Amici's for lunch. I spent several hours answering correspondence and getting a package ready to mail while Bob sorted through his fly-tying stuff. We had a brownie break and worked the puzzle some more. My back needs a break so I go for another mile walk over to Tipps Point. Nothing happening over there but at least the rain has stopped. Two RVs come in for the weekend as I'm walking.

I come home and send some emails. Our connection is on and off here. Seems to work okay when we have it but it drops off frequently. It could be the clouds. Our only TV show tonight is White Collar but we don't get USA here. We hope to watch some stuff we have recorded. It's 5:27 p.m. and 60 degrees with 69% humidity.

The Beauty at Lake Murray State Park Nov 2008

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