Sunday, November 15, 2009

River City Trading Post on a Rainy Day

Red Rock Canyon Grill in Tulsa, OK
Sunday, November 15, I woke up at 5:35 and just got up. It is chilly and cloudy but not raining yet. I snuggle under an afghan, sip my coffee and read Henry Ford. Bob gets up at 8:30. A few sprinkles begin. I go for a walk quickly. Bill, Sandy and Brandy are out walking. Sandy says she's feeling okay now. They ask about our thermostat and I divulge the bad news. We're back to square one.

Home to reheat Union Street Cafe's big waffles, add scrambled eggs and fruit for a hearty breakfast. I go into cleaning mode and do the sinks, bathroom and vacuuming. Yesterday when I was roaming around on the Titanium users forum they were talking about a $10.00 beater head from Wal-Mart that fits the Dirt Devil RV whole-house vacuum. I'll have to investigate.

We finally get an answer at River City Trading Post in Jenks around 11:15. They are open from noon to 6:00 on Sunday. So we have a snack and a hot beverage and head down there as it starts to rain (90% chance today.) We browse forever and find some bargains. It's 4:30 and still raining by the time we check out. Found a 1,000-piece dog puzzle for $1.00. I found five spools of holiday decorative ribbon for 50 cents and one dollar per roll. Found a cute turkey that folds flat for storage. The other day I discovered I have lots of Halloween decorations but no Thanksgiving decor. Bob finds quite a few book bargain and he finds two sleeves of my Pinnacle golf balls for $1.00 per sleeve--a bargain too!

We decide to eat at Red Rock Canyon since it is relatively close. The place reminds us of Austin's in Fort Collins. The same smoked chicken rotisserie and kind of pricey. Bob gets 1/2 smoked chicken, mashed potatoes and glazed carrots. I have the smoked chicken quesadilla. Very tasty with chipotle sour cream dressing and guacamole. There is a wedding reception going on in the patio room out back. It is a small wedding with a table for 20 or so. Apparently the sunset over the Arkansas River is a big deal here according to our waiter. Everyone claps as it goes down, much like the Oasis in Austin. Unfortunately we will not be seeing it tonight with the clouds and rain. But our waiter tells us they will ring the cowbells shortly and clap anyway. And sure enough, someone must check the official time and all the waitstaff ring the bells. The bride looks disappointed that her big sunset plan didn't work out.

Bike rack in shopping center near the bike trail that follows Riverside Drive along the Arkansas River

We head home, stopping at Union for a paper. It is cold of course when we get home and we turn our heaters on. We have new neighbors in a Class A streetside. Bob is watching Serenity, the Sci-Fi (or now I guess it's Sy-Fy) movie with the guy who stars in the TV show Castle. That's where we first saw him and liked him. Tonight is the premier of the re-make of The Prisoner. We loved that in the early 1970's when we were dating.

It's 6:08 p.m. and 54 degrees. The high was 69 and the low is right now! Humidity is 86% and yes, it is still raining.

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