Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cooking and Cleaning

Sunday, November 22, I got up at 7:00. This is over 24 hours now that we've had a digital readout on our thermostat. We'll keep our fingers crossed. It looks like we'll have the sun today. I sip my coffee and finish reading yesterday's paper and work the puzzles. The low was 48 and the high gets to 62 but it feels warmer. After breakfast I start doing some pre-holiday cooking. Bob goes up on the roof to start on our first full RV wash, including the roof. Brian said yesterday it's okay to wash your rig here in the park as long as you tap into the water spout instead of your rig's water (that would be considered gray water discharge-go figure.)

It's a mess up there. He gets that done and the back and the streetside of The Titanic by the time I'm done with my cooking. I come out and finish the front cap and the curbside. Then I squeegee all of the windows. We're both exhausted. Feels like we washed Mount Everest.

We take welcome showers. My glasses break in half at the nose piece when I take them off (never put my contacts in yet today.) I planned on getting new lenses in Austin this year but now I need new frames too. We head to Interurban for lunch at 3:00; everything else in town is closed on Sunday except for fast food joints. We both have tuna; Bob a sandwich and me the grilled dinner. The convenience store at the entrance to the Park is out of Sunday papers. So we go home. Bob considers fishing but there is only about an hour of daylight. So he watches football while I work on my journal.

It's 5:26 p.m. and 60 degrees with 60% humidity.

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