Monday, November 16, 2009

Louies Revisited and Jigsaw Puzzle

Monday, November 16, I got up at 6:00 a.m. and it sure is chilly in here. Never gets better all day. Cloudy with a low of 41 degrees. Rains intermittently all day. I read my book under an afghan and suck down coffee. We get out Atwood furnace wiring diagrams when we discover there are numbers on the new digital thermostat this morning for the first time. The furnace runs for 7 or 8 minutes (doesn't raise the temp in here at all) and shuts off when the display disappears. We're going to need a plan to get that thing fixed if the weather is going to be freezing. Bob will go out and check a few things if we get some better weather. After breakfast I brave a walk but my ears, nose, fingers and toes freeze. That wind is something. As I do breakfast dishes, Bob gets out a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

We work it until 12:30 and then head to lunch. Tried to go to Hugo's in Jenks but they are closed on Mondays. So we opt for Louies again because it is close by. They have Wild Rice Chicken Soup for today so we both order that with blackened tilapia with black bean salsa. I have three-cheese macaroni and Bob has fried green beans. After lunch I hop in Walgreen's for sundries and a paper while Bob keeps the heater in the truck running.

Back home we work the puzzle. I take a back break and read the paper. Around six Bob finishes the puzzles while I peruse the health care enrollment mailout for 2010 that came in the mail. Sounds like the status quo for this year. Can't wait to deal with next year. We have leftovers and watch House, Lie to Me and Castle.

It's 6:50 p.m. and 42 degrees. The high only got to 56. The humidity is 61%. Found a long-time St. Louis friend, Jim, on Facebook and he confirmed me today. Glad to be in touch again as we lost track of him a few years back. Recognized his photo holding a bass.

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