Thursday, November 12, 2009

Golf at South Lakes and Louie's Grill & Bar in Jenks

Thursday, November 12, I woke up on a board to 47 degrees this morning. It's only 55 inside but with high humidity it feels damp and cold. I vege out with my coffee on the loveseat and don't even work on my backlog of journal pages this morning. I go for a walk before breakfast. I saw Sandy and Brandy out for a walk earlier but it's too cold for them to be sitting out this morning. The sun is trying to peek through a gray haze without much success. Back home to stretch and have Crispy Thingies for reinforcement before golf.

We head to Jenks around 11:00. The parking lot is pretty full. It seems they had a ladies event earlier. We get right on. It's cool when we start but it warms up. The sun never gets very strong but the high gets to 73. I played much better on the front and seemed to have found my iron swing today. But I lost my drive on the back. At #15 the two groups in front of us joined up to be a fivesome (3 carts and one guy walking.) Yikes! We scurried over to 16 and played the last three holes into the clubhouse finishing up by 2:30.

It was a short drive to Louie's Grill and Bar in Jenks. I had 1/2 of a Reuben Sandwich and Tomato Gorgonzola Soup. Both were very good. Bob had a Club Wrap and Chips and Black Bean Salsa. They had a huge bar in the dining room where we ate and another full-service bar in a room behind a glass door. The waitress told another patron it was the Smoking Bar. Interesting.

We got a paper at Union on the way home. Our bike cover was coming loose from underneath our tires. Too much wind today. I went for a walk and had a stretch to keep my back in shape. We read the paper, had showers, snacked and tonight we will watch The Mentalist and Flash Forward.

Had a nice email from my brother Greg in North Carolina. He talked to Mom and Dad. He always wishes Dad well on Veterans Day. He says they were both doing well. I haven't talked to them since last week. I also had a photo of my niece Megan, looking very pregnant but so cute.

It's 6:18 p.m. and 63 degrees with 58% humidity.

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