Monday, November 23, 2009

Errands and Casa Roma

Monday, November 23, it was a chilly 48 degrees when I got up at 7:30. A fog has set in and doesn't clear off until noon. I read, sip coffee and work on a journal page. I skipped my walk but I see a lot of folks out walking their dogs. After breakfast Bob sees a 10 or 11 year old boy playing in the fire pit in the site the two guys across the road just vacated. Pretty soon the kid has a blaze going, lights a stick and tries to set a branch of the nearby juniper tree on fire. Bob runs out with a bucket and tells the kid not to set the whole State Park on fire. Then he fills the bucket with water and douses the campfire, which is what the two guys who left should have done.

I vacuum and then we leave for some errands and lunch. Even though we Googled for The Salvation Army donation center and the post office, we couldn't find either one where Google Maps said it was. Finally we spied the post office on 1st just south of Main. While I'm in line I get a text from my niece Megan and try to text her back but the pressure is incredible as I keep moving to the front of the line and my texting skills are nil. I send an incoherent message and step up to mail my package. The lady in front of me was choking on a Butterfinger candy bar while all of this was going on. So I just had to ask her where the Salvation Army was located. Take Washington to 12th she chokes out.

Back in the truck I give Bob the directions and we find it first try and drop off three grocery bags and a box full of stuff. We circle back to Main to eat lunch at Casa Romo's. We both have Camaroles Acapulco since we love it and we'll only get to eat here once this year.

We try to find a hardware store Bob thinks he saw on one of our trips into town. We never see it. We get diesel at Valero and I find a paper. We try to use the car wash across the street but we can't figure out the 'code' thing. So we swing around past Interurban along the highway and find another car wash. This one is attended and the guy gives us a good pre-wash by hand before we drive through so it all worked out for the best.

There is an Orchelen across the street and we stop in but they don't have the big 'o' ring Bob is looking for. Home by 3:15. Bob decides to go up on the roof while we have the bikes off the ladder and clean the three roof vents. I get on-line and work on today's journal page.

It's 61 degrees with 71% humidity at 3:36 p.m.

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