Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Amici's and Laundry

Wednesday, November 18, I woke up to sunshine at 8:00. The low was 40 and the high gets to 64. It was a much nicer day than yesterday and of course the sun always makes it seem much better.

I skipped my walk, did a quick stretch after breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen and sorted four loads of laundry. When I checked the laundry room someone had both dryers going and a load waiting to dry. So we decided to go to lunch first and try the laundry later. I work on journal pages while Bob takes a shower. I'm trying to take advantage of Tulsa's high-speed Internet while we're here in civilization. I've gotten a lot caught up on my backlog of journal pages while we've been here.

Our neighbors across the road from British Columbia left sometime this morning. I never saw them leave. And Don across the road has a red Jeep instead of his green pickup. Later I saw him with a gal as a passenger. I guess he's not single and facing his chemo treatments alone after all.

Instead of dropping our Goodwill bags off in Jenks, we said the heck with it and went to Sand Springs one more time to enjoy Amici's. We got our corner table and our favorite waitress. She put the coffee on when she saw me walk in. We both got lasagna and ate way too much of their homemade bread. Our waitress gave us more bread to take home with our leftover entrees.

We got diesel and a paper at QT across the street. Then I said lets hop in Homeland across the highway. I ran out of soy milk this morning. So $56.00 later we were back in the car. The nice checkout lady asked if I had a Homeland discount card (it's one of the only ones I don't have--my whole wallet is weighed down with the.) When I said no, we're just here for a short while she said "I'll give you the Oklahoman discount--how nice, that saved us $4.05.

Home to stow groceries and try the laundry room which is empty this time. I stay with the clothes and Bob goes and does his pre-move routine. While he's packing up he meets the guy in the big Cameo 5th wheel across the road. He's putting his short kayaks on top of his truck. Just got kayak and rack and are heading to Baja California to use them. Wish we had met them sooner. But they have kids and grandkids here. They have been RVing for six years; sold their Tulsa home after three years and their kids still aren't very happy with them.

We wrap up the laundry in a few hours and go home to stow it. Daylight is running out so we bring the bikes in and I pack up all of my inside stuff. We have leftover Thai and read the paper.

Patti sends me a link to an RVer's on-line journal. They met a couple from Ontario who have a Titanium! Oddly enough they are camped in LA near where Bob and I have been considering spending some time in the winter. Looks like a gorgeous spot on Lake Pontchartrain.

It's 6:32 p.m. and 53 degrees with 40% humidity.

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