Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in The Big "D" 2009

Megan's tasteful fall decor on the buffet
Thursday, November 26, Bob and I have breakfast, pack up, unhook the water and hit the road for Dallas by 10:00 a.m. It is our first night away from The Titanic. We go south on Hwy 377 to Hwy 380 east and quickly spot Lincoln RV Park, a possible destination for Megan's baby shower next Saturday. We'll check it out on the way home tomorrow.

It took us exactly two hours in traffic that was heavier than we anticipated. We drove right to Megan and Casey's with no problem except for the young kid's whose vehicle was stalled in the lane on Buckner around a curve. Those crazy kids were sitting on a retaining wall way too close to their vehicle.

Megan's neighbor, Linda, was just walking back to her house after taking her dog Skipper for a walk. Great to see her again. She goes inside to get cleaned up after the Turkey Trot this morning.

Mike and Linda are here; Linda is cleaned up already after the Turkey Trot walk this morning and Megan gets in the shower right after we arrive. Megan looks so cute and is really starting to show as her due date is mid-February.

Gram Rood's yellow afghan fits in nicely in the new guest room.

Their house looks so lovely. I get to see the new guest room where I snap this picture showing how nicely Gram Rood's afghan fits in with her yellow and black decor. The new nursery is under construction but the walls are painted and Megan shows me her 'transportation' theme fabric. Very cute! Of course Megan has everything very organized. I get a kick out of her 'notes' on each serving dish--'mashed potatoes' or 'green been casserole' or 'salad.' Way too organized! I managed not to cry this year when I saw my crystal on her table.

We have a more beautiful day and it is warmer than last year. Casey has a huge ham and turkey on the grill outside. My crock pot burner on 'old brown' won't get warm (later we determine that is was the outlet I was trying to use.) But I just improvise and put my pot on the stove to heat up my Crockpot Corn Casserole.

Megan shows off 'transportation' theme fabric in the new nursery

It is great to see everyone; and of course Diddy and Gracie are here too. Linda next door arrives with her great Spinach Artichoke Dip. I put out Aunt Dotty's Cheeseball and a Braunswieger Ball. Megan makes her heavenly Sweet Potato Casserole while Mike makes Bloody Marys. She also makes Garlic Mashed Potatoes, her tasty salad with pears, Parmesan and grapes, broccoli cheese stuffing, rolls, cranberry, gravy and a big hit-Raspberry Chipotle sauce. Linda's Apple Fluff Salad is delightful and lite! We all have big glasses of Linda' Spanish red wine (well, Megan has a little sip) And we only had one mishap on the tablecloth/placemats.

Bob and Linda supervise as Casey slices the ham

We had it all eaten and cleaned up by 4:30. Megan and Casey get a good Christmas card photo on the front porch before it gets too dark. Their neighbor Linda says farewell. Megan opens her fall wreath and Casey puts his OU 'Carsters' in his hybrid's cupholders. We all pile in Linda's car at 5:30 with Megan driving and head to Joe and Julie's house. Julie's folks, Valerie and Allen, are there from Plano. They all had an El Paso Thanksgiving dinner-tamales et al. They all drive to Lubbock (5 1/2 to 6 hours) tomorrow for turkey dinner with family there.

Casey, Megan, Linda, Mike, Bob and Reet at Megan and Casey's in The Big "D" Thanksgiving 2009

It is so fun to get to meet little Eloise-what a cutie! And Trudy, their beagle, lies me now. Mabel greets us all too. Trudy chomps a few pecans, leaving the shells on the living room floor and looking very proud of herself.

Linda, Casey and Megan

Eloise has apple sauce and entertains us all. well, the guys are being entertained by the UT vs. TX Tech football game in the living room. Julie give me a tour of their lovely old Dallas home. Then she serves a cornucopia of desserts; Symphony Brownies (layer's of Hershey Symphony Bars layered in brownie mix poured into muffin cups, sprinkled with powdered sugar), a very rich cheesecake with whipped cream and sliced almonds. Linda's pumpkin and pecan pies and 'pretzel/Rolo/pecan turtles. And m,y Ritz PB cookies--Joe loved those.

Julie, Eloise, Valerie and Allen

We all head home around 8:30, except Casey is still inside using the facilities as Megan warns Joe and Julie as they say goodbye and shut the door. It sure was nice to see them again. I can't wait for Megan's baby shower next week. Casey gets gas for Linda on the way home. The Turkey Trot and allergies did Linda in so she heads home to Fairview and Mike follows.

Megan warns me she is donning jammies. What a great idea so we get our luggage out of the car and I put on my 'fat' pants. We lounge on the couch. Megan actually finds enough energy to download her pictures and post them on Facebook. She has a great group shot except for Bob. (When I finally get around to mine on Sunday I find this good one of all of us.)

For one last hurrah, Megan looks at the Black Friday ads in the paper as Bob looks at the puzzles but we can't find a pencil and it's way too late for a pen. Megan hits the sack after a big day. We chat with Casey until around 11:00. He sets the coffee pot for 7:30 and we all turn in. What a fun holiday!