Monday, November 2, 2009

Golf Olde Page and Amici's

Gertrude says Happy Thanksgiving aboard The Titanic!
Monday, November 2, our curbside neighbors left at 5:55 a.m. and woke me up. What an ungodly hour to tow an RV down the road. I guess you miss the city traffic on your way out of Tulsa. I was up so I worked on journal pages. First I was in a stupor and poured the water for my coffee down the side of the reservoir and all over the counter. Then I remembered the kitchen towel hook fell off last night; the adhesive gave out. So I had to hunt up a towel in the dark. Oh well.

The sun is out and it is 58 degrees by 10:30. We have Crispy Thingies for breakfast and I stretch and make PB&J's for later on the golf course. And I washed out our bike pants in case we decide to ride tomorrow. They need time to dry.

Around 10:45 we head to Page Belcher golf course. The parking lot is full so we go inside. He says we can get on in 15 or 20 minutes. So we putt for a bit and then tee off behind the guys with the 11:13 tee time. They are slow, or else the guys in front of them are, for seven holes but all of a sudden they disappear. Today we play the Olde Page course (back nine too.) But we run out of steam after 13 holes and call it a day as we near the parking lot. Cycling did us in I guess. Shame to waste such a gorgeous day. High 83 but it felt like 70 with only 36% humidity.

We get a paper on the way home. I put the awning out and go outside to read on the patio. We have been meaning to put that awning out and dry it out after all of the rain in Columbus and Edwardsville. But every time we thought of it the day was too windy. We do have a few spots of mildew near the top that we'll have to clean off. When we drive in this afternoon we notice an older Titanium three sites down on our curbside.

We get cleaned up and around 3:45 we head to Amici's. We wanted to try their dinner menu. We're the first ones there but an older couple in a Prius comes in after us. We get our same table and our same waitress. She is embarrassed to tell us she has to leave early again! I ask her how her granddaughter's Halloween event was and she said it was good but the balloon favors caused an issue. She blew up her granddaughter's balloon and it popped and she was not happy that her balloon was gone and it didn't seem to calm her down to say they had more balloons at home. So they left early.

I had to try the Eggplant Parmesan and was not disappointed. Baked, tender eggplant stuffed with Italian sausage and mozzarella with a hearty red sauce. It was great. My salad had a tasty strawberry vinaigrette. Bob had the pork medallions. The guy in the paper who did the review said they were more like hubcaps and he was right. They were smothered in a tasty Dijon mustard Marsala sauce. We'll be back; lunch or dinner, it's all great.

Home to work puzzles and relax. If the Phillies don't win tonight The Yankees will be the World Series Champs. It's 5:54 p.m. and 71 degrees. I'm sad by how dark it is and it's not even 6 o'clock yet.


Josie said...

Oh how I LOVE eggplant parmesan. That's making my mouth water!

Josie said...

...And by me I meant Sarah, not Josie ;)

Rita said...

Somehow I knew you meant you! Although we had miniature dachshunds that would eat anything, including vegetables. Nice to have you following along on my blog.