Monday, November 9, 2009

Golf at South Lakes, Jenks, OK

Monday, November 09, I was up until midnight watching House reruns so I slept in until 7:30. Spent about an hour cleaning out my email messages. It is cloudy this morning but I'm surprised at how warm it is when I go out for a walk before breakfast. The low was only 59 degrees last night and the humidity is over 65% this morning so it feels even warmer. I try to mail a letter to Mom and Dad at the office but they are closed when I zoom by the first time at 8:30.

As I pass by Sandy's big motorcoach I spy her sitting out in her lawn chair with Brandy nearby in her own lawn chair. Sandy says her little Llapsa prefers it to the doggie bed they got for her. I sit down on the concrete to pet Brandy and Sandy and I chat for a bit. Bill is working but he calls to confirm that they are going to look for new eyeglasses today. We need to do that when we get back to Austin.

As we chat and she asks where we're going next I realize where I heard Marietta, OK, where they are from. It is very close to my brother's lake place on Lake Texoma. She tells me to check out Pelican's Landing in Cedar Mills. We did try to go there once and it was closed for remodeling. She says they had a fire but they are open again now. She raved about their catfish. I chatted so long Nancy arrived and opened the office so I went over to mail my letter.

Back home Bob was stretching and asked if I got lost on my walk. I joined him for a stretch and then we had Crispy Thingies for breakfast. My friend Joyce in Elgin serves these as appetizers and they are wonderful. So wonderful we decided they were breakfast food! I thought I had the recipe digitally but I don't. I'll post it later. (Oops! Here it is)

Crispy Thingies (Joyce Love, Elgin, TX, Christmas 2008)

1 lb. sausage, browned and drained
2 tablespoons butter
2 jars Kraft Old English Cheese
10 English Muffins

Mix first three ingredients and spread not quite to edges on 20 halves of muffins. Bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Cut each muffin half into quarters and serve as appetizers.

I like that you can make them ahead and freeze them as half muffins. Then thaw them and quarter them and reheat on a cookie sheet to get them very crisp. Joyce serves them as appetizers in quarters but we also heat a half muffin in the toaster oven and eat them for breakfast. Nothing lo-cal about these but they are very tasty and easy to make.

We head to the golf course in Jenks around noon. Each year we plan to play this course but we haven't yet. Today is the day. It's not very crowded and we get right on. He asks if we're 55 for the senior discount and we can now both say yes. We play this very nice course (almost has a country club feel) for $12.00 each to walk 18 holes. That's quite a savings over the $23.00 each if you're not a senior.

The fairways are in great shape. They have just sanded the greens but they are in good shape and quite fast. I play the Red Tees at 5,242 yards and a slope rating of117. Bob plays the Blue Tees at 6,413 yards and a slope rating of 119. My main goal today is not to get my back in an uproar. I can hardly make contact with my irons on the front and my score reflects that. Oddly enough I drive really well. On the back I adopted a new strategy and played mostly fairway and rescue clubs and did better.

We were both astounded by some old guy with a metal detector on one of the holes on the front nine. He was beeping that thing all around the green, actually walking on the green with it, while we were pitching, chipping and putting. I thought I had seen it all until he came along. On top of that the golf course abuts the airport here in Jenks. They were running some kind of training exercises for small plans doing bump and runs on the runway. That got annoying at they came very low over the fairways all day. But we survived it all.

Afterwards we went to Los Cabos on The Riverwalk in Jenks for dinner. Actually we were still in time for lunch. I had Mango Chicken Salad and was surprised when there was no mango in it. It did have hearts of palm and candied pecans that were tasty. Bob had Mahi-Mahi topped with mango shrimp. He shared some of his mango. As we walked in the heaters were on outside. Very weird since the high was 81 degrees today.

We got a paper on the way home. I took a walk, stretched and declared my back to have survived 18 holes of golf. I relaxed with the paper and took a shower. I just have time to update my journal before House.

It's 6:35 p.m. and 70 degrees with 55% humidity.

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