Monday, November 30, 2009

Brunch on the Titanic & Soup Night at the Lake

Lake Texoma heading down road from Mike's driveway
Saturday, November 28, I woke up at 7:40 on a board, about an hour later than I wanted to get up. So I really got in gear and garnished the Jell-O Salad, put my breakfast taco fixin's in serving dishes, made tea, hunted up a pitcher for Bloody Marys (Alas, not to be!)

I stretched, showered and multi-tasked while Bob started the breakfast tacos. I haul out the tray tables and unhook the other two dining chairs from their towing position. Around 11:15 the gang arrives here at Burr Central. We tour the Titanic. Linda notes that we have an 'upstairs' now. Mike opens his Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame t-shirt. Later today he says he will wear it for Sunday best only. Linda finds two postcards in the Chihuly International group that she will be near in Ireland this spring.

Breakfast tacos are served after Virgin Bloody Marys (Mike has the marshmallows that fell all over the garage in his bag but he doesn't have the Vodka.) Megan is probably amused as all of her Bloody Marys are Virgins right now. Crispy Thingies and breakfast tacos are a hit. We got four seated at the table and two in the Euro chairs. It's our first party on the Titanic and I didn't even take a single picture. I was a crazed hostess.

Birdhouse at neighbor's along Lake Texoma

Mike and Bob work on the surround sound and make some progress. He says he'll return when he can hear what he's doing. Travis calls to get names and spelling for 'save-the-date' notices. They are in St. Louis for the weekend; going to the Rams game tomorrow. I show Linda and Megan some Chihuly pictures I took in Columbus earlier this year and Ruidoso two years ago.

They all hit the road-and the burrs on the way out. Casey uses our brush to clear off his flip-flops. Bob and I put the Titanic back in order and try to finish the NY Times crossword from Friday. Around 3:00 we head to the Lakehouse after I make my Minestrone Chili. I also pack up the last cheeseball, braunswieger ball, Cherry Jell-O and Ritz PB cookies.

No one is outside when we arrive but we quickly realize they are watching the OU game. It is just over when we get inside-OU wins big. Linda has Smoked Turkey Noodle Soup, Potato Soup and Chili going. Sure smells great in here. Linda, Megan and I take a walk. We take Mary's 'go boxes' down to her. She doesn't answer the door at first and Linda starts to leave it in the BBQ grill to give her a call and let her know it's there. But then she comes to the door and says she didn't hear us at first. It is nice to see her again.

There's an app for that Casey!

We continue our walk down by the lake where a neighbor is piling leaves by one of the remaining trees on the beach. I snap a few photos of Lake Texoma on this gorgeous day. We walk to Scottie's to find Bennett but Phyllis and Reid say he's napping. A cat is on the lawnchair on their porch. It looks just like Killer. Reid says it jumped in the camper when they got here and it won't leave so they are adopting it and taking it home with them.

Megan and Gracie pose in front of the lake house

We meet Debbie driving in as we pass Renee's place. Nice to see her; she's lost weight and looks great. Megan returns home with Gracie while Linda and I walk to the first big metal garage at the entrance to Sandy Beach. Keith is relaxing after just returning from overseas. I told him we saw his big screen TV out here when we went home late last night. We meet Sandy with 10-month old Cooper. And it's nice to see Pat again.

Back home we join Megan, Casey and Mike around the fire that Casey is building. We listen to tunes and Casey finds Jerry Jeff Walker (Scamp) "Life on the Road" as I try to recall it for Mike after he plays Jerry Jeff doing Sloop John B. We have a big discussion on I-Pods and Mike takes us out to his garage to see how he hooks it up. We hunt for a jack in Big Bertha's dashboard but don't find one. Mike suggests a wireless adapter. We'll look into it and maybe we can jettison our heavy CD collection and come into the 21st century.

Guest begin to arrive for soup night around 7:00. It's great to see Bennett and Reid as we chat out by the fire. We get into a discussion of burrs at Tres Pinoles and how to keep them out of bicycle tires. Soup is on. Phyllis brought a great chicken gumbo with rice. Renee called earlier to say her and Frankie aren't' coming. It seems they have a crowd down there.

I eat myself into oblivion. Then sit at the table and chat with Megan, Phyllis and Debbie. She is living in a rented house in Rodgers/Bentonville, Ark. She has travelled to Puerto Rico on business several times. She lost weight on a supplement plan and sure looks great.

We clean it all up. Linda and I chat over coffee. Bob, Megan, Casey and Mike watch football. Bob and I say farewell around 10:30. Nice to share another fun Thanksgiving here with all of them. I sure am exhausted.

I only have a few burrs as we make our way inside at home. We stash the food. Nice of Linda to share her soups. It's 10:31 p.m. and 60 degrees. The high was around 75. It was windy, warm and sunny.

Lake Texoma heading down road from Mike's driveway

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