Sunday, November 29, 2009

Campfire at Lake Texoma

Linda, Casey and Megan survey the dinner spread
Friday, November 27, I get up at 7:30, wander into the living room where Gracie and I startle each other. She's on the corner of the couch but lets me share it with her while I sip coffee and browse ads. Megan gets up and has Raisin Bran Crunch before heading to water aerobics at 9:00. Bob gets up right before she leaves and we talk about how weird it is to sit in the dining room and not be able to see the TV or lunge chairs. Their house seems so big compared to our RV!

Megan leaves and we have showers. Casey gets up and has coffee with me. We watch a Yellowstone program on some nature channel so I tell my grizzly story. Megan returns looking revived by her swim. We have ham on rolls with spicy honey mustard. Megan enjoys my cheeseball. And we polish off Linda's Apple Fluff.

Bob and I pack up and hit the road at 11:05. What a fun stay with Megan and Casey. It is warm and sunny outside. It gets up to 75 degrees today. There is not near as much traffic on the way home. We get gas on 380 at QT and a Dallas Morning News. The gas gauge is working! It must have been the car wash! We stop at Lincoln RV Park and drive through. It seems doable but it is mostly a mobile home park. We stop down the road on 377 at the Ace Hardware in Pilot Point looking for Bob's big "o"ring but nothing doing.

We get home by 1:20. I can't believe how good it feels to be back here. I missed our new home-on-wheels, even it it was only for one night. We bring in the luggage and burrs too! We unpack and take the golf clubs and the luggage back out to the truck and downunder storage respectively. I make a fruit salad for tonight and a Jell-O salad for tomorrow. I read part of the paper and about 4:45 we head to the lake house. Mike calls just as we pull out of Tres Pinoles.

They are all out by the fire in front when we pull up. We chat and listen to WaWa09. Casey is into "Big Afro" by Chris Knight. I'm into a John Hiatt that I've never heard. Linda serves heavenly pulled pork around 7:00. She adds her marinated carrots, Megan's leftover sides and turkey, my fruit salad and cheese ball. What a spread! Gevalia coffee and Megan's Magic Cookie Bars finish off the meal. A few lucky souls get Julie's Symphony Brownies. Another fun day. We sure are tired as we head home about 9:30.

Brunch is planned at our place tomorrow morning at 11:00. I asked Mike to bring Bloody Marys and he said deadpan "Did anybody lose their marshmallows?" Go figure! It's 10:35 p.m. and 57 degrees. The low was 44 and the humidity is 38%. Sorry, we have no Weather Boy clothing to report!

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