Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Brunch at Union Street Cafe

Tuesday, Nov. 3, I was up at 7:00 and greeted by the sun. The low was 48. I started out by dressing Gertrude for Thanksgiving. Then I got on-line and worked on photos and miscellaneous stuff. Around 11:00 Bob and I go north a block or so on Union to finally try Union Street Cafe. On the way we get out the truck manual to adjust the compass. We've moved into Zone 6 and it needs to be resets.

Union Cafe is a cute little place, recently under new ownership according to their sign. Their breakfast and lunch specials are on the whiteboard by the front door. Our waitress is friendly. I have French toast and grits. Bob has pigs in a blanket; three pancakes wrapped around link sausage and two eggs. All very tasty. We leave with go boxes.

We head to Jenks to browse all of the small antique stores. We found books, postcards and some Lawson Woods blotters. We're back home by three to read the paper we got out of the machine by the cafe and have leftovers from Amici's. I have a voice message from my brother Mike and call him back. I figured he was calling about HIPAA forms. But he says Dad's in the hospital again. Seems like he's stabilized now and of course wants to go home. Poor guy is having quite a year.

It's 3:42 p.m. and 76 degrees. The high was 78 with 32% humidity. A very nice day. I go for a walk to try to get rid of a deep back ache that has been bothering me all day. I turned wrong or something this morning. Put ice on it this morning and it was okay as long as we were walking and shopping. As soon as I sit down it flares up again. Anyway, as I walked I went by a newbie RVer with a 5th wheel and bikes strapped way up in the bed of his pickup. They look like a younger couple and their license plates say British Columbia. Must be headed to the Texas Coast for the winter.

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