Monday, November 30, 2009

Mike, Reet and Bob vs. Surround Sound

Coozie from Linda's birthday party that never happened last year
Sunday, November 29, I slept in until 9:00 after a 4:15 a.m. wake-up for 45 minutes. This morning I lounged and sipped my coffee. Seems quiet after the hubbub of the holiday weekend. We had leftover breakfast tacos. It is almost 60 degrees this morning but by noon the temperature drops to 50 degrees and the rain starts up! It is very nasty. After breakfast I stretch and do my weights.

I spend some time hunting up CDs that Mike might want if he comes by later. Then I download my pictures from the camera. I have a nice one of our group on Thanksgiving that I post on Facebook. On Megan's picture Bob was the only one that didn't take a good shot. On mine, Megan is not smiling. If I was better at Photoshop maybe we could get one good picture out of it; or one really bad picture depending on your point of view.

Bob and I have Linda's chili with oyster crackers for lunch. Very good and it's a good day for chili. I spend a few hours backing up my pictures and documents to our external hard drive. It seems like I'm always behind on that. Mike calls after 3:00 and comes over around 4:00. He says he can't go outside in this weather so he may as well come over and work on my music. I'm excited.

First we copy WaWa 2005 through 2009, Little Feat, and Asleep at the Wheel to my hard drive. That was great of him to share. I'm excited about moving to and I-Pod and coming into the 21st century. We can't seem to get my Ian Tyson song titles to go to Mike's backup drive so he takes some of my CDs with him (Jerry Jeff, Ian Tyson, Robert Earl Keen and Dr. Hook) and will return them next weekend.

Bob and Mike have a go at the speakers/surround sound system. They make enough progress so that Bob and I can adjust the speakers and have music at last. Voila! Thanks so much Mike. A day without music is a day wasted.

Mike packs up his stuff and leaves just before 7:00. It sure was nice of him to spend so much time with us to get us set up. Especially since this whole DVD, CD, electronics thing is so frustrating for both of us. I appreciate his patience with us.

Bob and I have some more leftover soup. I call Mom and Dad. They were at my brother Dane and his wife Lori's on Thursday. Dad reports that their remodeling project on their home in Chesterfield, MO, is very impressive. They took out a wall in the kitchen and remodeled the whole thing. The bar is a pantry and they have hardwood floors from dining room to kitchen to family room. Sounds like it really opened things up. They christened the new kitchen with a turkey dinner.

On Saturday they went to my brother Jeff and his wife Diedre's in St. Charles, MO. Mom said they had Chicken Cacciatore that was really good. They both said it was nice to see all the kids and grandkids (even Nathaniel and Maria and Travis and Callie came.)

I spent another few hours until 10:00 p.m. working on journal pages and pictures from Thursday thru Friday. I got behind during the holiday weekend on my Blogspot page but I'm determined to stay caught up in the present time frame. My backlog is now complete through mid-Feb.2009 so keep checking back on my Earthlink site On the Road

It's 10:06 p.m. and 67 degrees in the bedroom and I have no clue about what it is outside since the thermometer is in the living room. But it is fairly chilly.

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