Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Movin' On to Lake Texoma

One of Mike's Mexicali Peppers-just a little bit of spice to them.
Tuesday, November 24, I got up at 7:15 after sacking out early at 11:00 last night. The sun is out but a chilly cold front blew in from the north to give us a low of 47 degrees. I check email and work on a journal page from February of 2009. Slowly but surely I'm getting caught up.

We are in no hurry to pack up and move since checkout time is not until 5:30 p.m. here at Lake Murray State Park. We have a light breakfast at 8:30. After the dishes I walk one last time around my beautiful one-mile trek through Cedar Cove and Elephant Rock campgrounds. I come home to stretch and then we move the bikes inside, do a little packing, and take showers. I call Earl at Tres Pinoles RV Park in Enos. He has a site free for the next week either in the back section or up front.

Mike's still has a lot of banana peppers!

We have leftover tuna from Interurban for lunch and pack up the rest of the way to hit the road at 12:35. Bob measured the hitch height at 49 inches and I back in and get a clean lock the first time. We go east on Hwy 70 through Madill. A weird road closure barricade caused us to miss 70F so we continued on 70 to Kingston and then took the wild right-hand turn (not too bad) onto 32 west back to 70F south to Enos and Tres Pinoles (Three Pines RV Park, Enos, OK (580)-564-3399). Our total trip was 41 miles, as opposed to last year's 40 miles, so our slight detour did not turn out too bad. We got here in less than an hour.

As we drive in we head to the back past the Quonset hut and Earl comes out and recommends we take site #5 in the front. There are a few low-hanging limbs in the back and he wasn't sure our 12'1" height would make it. So this means Bob has to back a pretty long way back out of the narrow drive with me on the two-way radio and Earl yapping in his ear through the truck window. But he does fine and backs right into site #5.

Earl finds a small issue with the sewer line being caved in (the lawn guy he hired this summer broke more than he fixed according to Earl.) So poor Earl dug it out with his hands, encountering quite a few burrs (more on that later.) Bob got out a hose to run water through and it seems okay. Earl has to leave and says so long 'til later.

Mike and Bob ooh and aah over fly tying treasures!

We get set up amidst horrible burrs all over the grounds. They cover our shoes, pants legs, tires; everything we set on the ground as we unpack. But we manage somehow and both set up the outside stuff then clean our shoes and remove them to do the inside of the RV. We put our shoes back on after we get the inside set up and go out to hang the bikes. It is very windy here. Fortunately it wasn't too bad on the drive here. Bob runs the TV scan while I put out the decor. It always makes me happier and I feel more like it's home with my decor out. I don't put it our for just a day or even for a week's stay sometimes.

While the TV is still scanning we have a snack. Bob polishes off one last shot out of the bottle of Irish Creme. That thing has been taking up room in the fridge since July! I call my brother Mike and we head over to his Lake house. Diddy greets us in the front yard and Mike comes out of the garage. Great to see him. Diddy is so happy with her new wireless fence. She doesn't have to be on a leash at the Lake.

Bob gives Mike two boxes of fly-tying stuff; some of it was stuff Dad had given to Bob. Mike said it was Christmas in November. He celebrates by donning these animal fur earmuffs! We have a few brews and chat.

Mike cuts bunches of peppers from his garden for us. We can't believe how many he still has on the vine. Megan, my niece, calls during the harvesting so Mike turns over the cutting to Bob and talks to Megan. I get to talk to Megan too and it's a good thing because she didn't get my email. She just left the grocery store and we talk menu items. I can't wait to see her and Casey for Thanksgiving.

The peppers are bagged and I missed my photo op by the time I get off the phone. We vote for pizza and head to Enos. We follow Mike since he thinks there's a new place behind Main Street Cafe. But he goes inside Vonnie's Bar and comes out quickly. The smoke bowls him over and they said they have no food. So we go to our traditional place and get a pizza. Mike gets a salad too but it looks smaller than the ones we had last time. Our pizza has a nice thin crust. At 7:20 I see the waitress looking our way and ask if they are closed. She says "Yes, at 7:00." We pay and slink out.

Mike stops by to get a tour of the Titanic. M.T. if you're reading this I'm sorry we dragged you into Monats vs. Surround Sound. I should have treated you better as a first time guest! He hits the road a little after 8:00. Bob and I watch the rest of NCIS LA and The Good Wife. Well, Bob cut up all of the peppers during The Good Wife so once again I didn't get a photo before he had them all bagged in the freezer.

I get lucky and get a spot out of my jacket that Mike pointed out over in his garage. I have no idea how it got there. It looked bad but came out easily. It's 11:04 p.m. and 55 degrees. They are predicting a low in the mid-30's tonight.

Mike tries on the animal fur earmuffs

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