Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cooking and Catfish Haven

Catfish Haven on 377 south of the bridge over Lake Texoma
Wednesday, November 25, I get up at 7:00. Our little heaters kept it warm in here in spite of a low of 38 degrees. The sun is out so I open all the blinds and it quickly gets up to 77 in here. Now I'm hot!

I pack up my crackers and breads for my appetizers and take my cheeses out to soften. Bob gets up early and makes breakfast tacos. After all we have to try some of those peppers that smelled so wonderful when he was cutting them up last night.

After breakfast I get busy cooking up a storm. It is so much easier to cook in my new kitchen. I had my mixer, my food processor, waxed paper rolled out everywhere and several dishes going on at once. I love it!

I wrapped up some packages and hunted up postcards and got it all ready to go. We walked down to Earl's around noon to pay him. Bob rousted him out of his RV. He was up late to pick up his son at work. So he's catching up on his rest. Says bronchitis has him down. I give him a check for $80.00 for a week (50 amp service; 30 amp would have been $75.00)Bob asks him for a board for a walkway to avoid the burrs. He gives us a quarter sheet of plywood and says he'll look around for something else and bring it down later.

We plop our plywood down by the front door and head to lunch at Catfish Haven south of the 377 bridge in Sandusky stopping at Sherwood's Market on the way for a Dallas Morning News and hot sauce. Catfish Haven is one of our favorite haunts in this area. We always split the grilled catfish dinner and a four-vege dinner. Nothing better than their Green Tomato Relish-we use that for two of our veges. It's got a little bit of a bite to it this year but it is still very tasty. We're too full even for Pineapple Coconut Pie--next time.

Back home to read a 'real' newspaper. First Bob gets the luggage out from 'down under' (while we're outside in the burrs with our shoes messed up.) Not so hard to get out now that his fly-tying cabinets have been downsized. After I work the puzzles in the paper I do some ironing and we both pack for tomorrow.

I check the DeLorme and print a map to Megan and Casey's. At 7:00 we watch the Biggest Loser recap show from the first 8 years. I have two journal pages to catch up for the last two days. I finish that at 10:00 and am ready to go to bed. It's 10:14 and 49 degrees. My thermometer shows a high of 78 for the day but I think the sun was shining on the sensor because 65 to 70 seems more like it.

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