Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Goodbye Lana Thai and Garner Used Books

Tuesday, November 17, I got up at 7:00 a.m. to a very chilly living room in spite of leaving the little heater on low. It could only keep the temp at 55 in the room with the outside temp getting down to 40 degrees. This doesn't bode well if it gets down to freezing before we get our furnace fixed.

I got serious this morning and read for two hours to finish my big fat hardback on Henry Ford since we plan to hit the used bookstore today and trade in two grocery bags full of books that we have been carrying around since our big 'move' in Ohio. I wanted to make sure to get the big Ford tome in the pile to be traded in.

After breakfast I brave a walk while the water heats up for dishes. Sure felt warm in here when I came in to stretch. But it is up to 67 degrees inside now with the heater on medium. I pay some bills and do some on-line work with the rest of the mail pile while Bob takes a shower. Then I get cleaned up and around noon we leave for one last lunch at Lana Thai. We can't believe we've only been here once in the whole month we've been in Tulsa. It is absolutely our favorite place here; maybe anywhere in our travels. Oh well, we have had fun branching out this year and going to some new places in Tulsa; notably Amici's!

We start with hot Jasmine tea to warm us up and Summer Rolls--nobody does them like Lana. For an entree I go with good old #50 a red peanut curry paste over chicken, sprouts and carrots with a ring of broccoli surrounding the plate. We always give it high marks for taste and presentation. Bob has the seafood dish; shrimp, scallops and calamari in a rich sauce with some kind of whole grain crust/stuffing surrounding the rim of the bowl. Very tasty. He ordered it #2 hot (on a scale of 1 to 5) and declared it to be very spicy. I ordered mine zero as last time #1 was way too spicy. It depends on the cook.

With 'go' boxes in hand we head north on Mingo to Garner Used Books where we have $14.00 on credit from two years ago! We give them two grocery bags of new books as a trade. While they figure up our total we browse the shelves. Both of us find a total of 10 or 12 books and end up owing them $2.92. We're just happy to have those two big bags of books out of our rig. I browsed the used CDs too but didn't find anything.

On 44 west we were stopped by road construction (the Interstate goes down to one lane) so we get off at Harvard and wind our way down to 71st to cross the River. We get a paper at Union and come home to 58 degrees inside with 45 degrees outside; which is the high for the day.

I pay another bill, work on my journal, read the paper and snack. Tonight is both NCIS shows, "V", The Prisoner and The Good Wife. It's 4:16 p.m. and the humidity is 64%. It rained during the night but is just cloudy and cold all day. We're hoping for warmer temps before we try to move south to Ardmore on Thursday. I guess I shouldn't complain as KS and MO got snow yesterday. Yikes!

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