Saturday, November 14, 2009

Terrible in Tulsa!

Saturday, November 14, I slept like a rock after our tough cycle yesterday. Turns out I should have stayed in bed as the day gets worse as it progresses. I get up at 7:30 and take one more swing through the pile of mail. I go for a walk. No sign of Sandy and Brandy this morning; too chilly to be sitting out and it is kind of overcast.

I come home to stretch and get dressed as we plan to head out to breakfast before picking up our new thermostat at Dean's RV. Bob takes the old thermostat off so we can turn it in for warranty. I see Sandy and Brandy outside and go out to confirm our shopping trip at 1:00. I tell her we're heading out to pick up our part but will be back to meet her for shopping.

We go to Union Street Cafe and order breakfast. I'm pleased to see they have all of their Christmas decorations rescued from the heap they were in on the floor. They are all plugged in and glowing and moving and look much better; even if it is way too early for the. I have a huge waffle and oatmeal. Bob has a waffle as well with eggs and sausage. We both take waffles home. On to Dean's where Nick hands us our new thermostat (more white than the ivory one we have but no matter if it solves the problem.)

We're back home by 11:30 and Bob is installing the new thermostat when Sandy knocks on the door. She says she started feeling poorly so our shopping trip is off. I tell her to go home and rest. When I go back inside Bob has that look on his face. The thermostat is doing the same thing as the other one. Back to the drawing board. We remained bummed out the rest of the day.

I get on the Titanium users' forum on-line and find several references to Atwood thermostat and a/c and heater problems but nothing quite like ours. Wasted three hours roaming around on that site. Well, I actually found out some useful information about a ton of other care and maintenance items but I'm still bummed out. Now the cold weather is looming, the forecast looks bad for the next week, and we have no furnace. Bob cleans some mildew spots off of our awning that we discovered a few days ago but the wind has been blowing too hard to put the awning out. We left it rolled up after all of that rain in Cambridge and Edwardsville. We should have dried it out but we never thought about it. It looks good now though.

I go for a walk right before dark after reading the paper. Don't see a vehicle or any sign of anyone at Sandy and Bill's. Hope he didn't have to take her to the emergency room. I come back home and spend a few hours on the mail as Bob surfs the Net for bike trails in the sun belt. Not much happening; maybe some in Louisiana.

We have leftover Amici's and watch a recorded White Collar (love that new show.) It's 8:25 p.m. and 57 degrees with 72% humidity. The high was 71.

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