Sunday, November 8, 2009

Parachuting Santa at Union Cafe

Parachuting Santa at Union Street Cafe
Sunday, November 8, I slept like a rock and woke up early at 6:00 a.m. Got up and worked on my journal-Jan '09-as the sun paints a pink sunrise in the eastern sky. I work on-line continuously until 9:00 when we have a light breakfast. A quick walk and a good stretch and I'm ready to vacuum. Bob makes an adjustment to my bike brakes in anticipation of riding this afternoon. I am sad to report that OU lost to Nebraska last night. Bummer.

We go to lunch at 12:30 at Union Street Cafe. We sit in the halfway finished Banquet Room and have a new waitress. Today is her first day; well she has worked at the Sapulpa location but she's unfamiliar with the menu here. Finally we find daily specials that they haven't run out of. I have meatloaf and Bob has stuffed pork roast (stuffed with spinach or perhaps collard greens.) We split carrot cake, a huge piece for $2.25, that tastes more like a delicious spice cake to me. I was a little bummed out by shoddy Christmas decorations thrown on the floor and not really arranged very nicely. But we did see a Santa hanging from a parachute that was kind of cute and wondered if he moved along the wire he was hanging on. Sure enough, a few minutes later our waitress came by and asked if we had seen Santa do his thing. She gave him a shove and he traveled back and forth across the wire, kicking off with his feet when he touched the wall. He sang a song as he zoomed on his 'zip line.' How cute!

This is our bargain cake from Food Pyramid; originally $8.99 it had a $5.00 off coupon attached!

We got a Sunday paper at QT. It it so cloudy and cool and the wind is still blowing when we emerge from the Cafe, that we decide to blow off the bike ride. We relax in our Euro chairs and read the paper and work the puzzles. I go for a walk after we recover the bikes. At 5:45 Bob points out this red sky at night so I go out to take a picture. The guy across the road is walking his dog and says "It looks like it's on fire doesn't it?" Wish I would have taken a picture of my red sky at morning and I could have posted both of them.

I got a 'multimedia' message on the phone from my brother Mike at Lake Texoma. A colorful picture of his vegetable garden output. I'm too low-tech to know how to download it to get it to my laptop so I can post it here. Maybe he'll send it to me by email (hint, hint if you're reading this Mike!) It's 5:52 p.m. and 67 degrees with 63% humidity.

The sun sets behind The Titanic

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