Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's Dinner at Los Comales, Rockport, TX

Sunday, February 14, I slept like a rock after only four hours of sleep last night. Our big move day tired me out. It is sunny and warm when I get up at 8:30. I open the day/night shades to our gorgeous view of the live oaks lining golf hole-to-be #1 here at Southern Oaks.

One of the happiest times of RVing is the day after you move and you plan to stay for a while! Bob gets a great connection this morning on-line (I had nothing last night.) So I hop on to do some banking and check email. Our Ohio RV friends Tom and Nan will arrive tomorrow night from Kerrville, TX, to be our neighbors for a month. Our Wyoming RV friends, Bud and Billie, are nearby at Drifters in Rockport, site #93.

Before breakfast I put up all of my decor so it feels more like home. Afterwards I stretch and wash the bugs off the front of the RV. They come off easily after Bob's wax job in Bastrop so that paid off for me big time! While I'm out front I meet John who is in the 5th wheel Montana down the road. They are from Spokane, WA, and have their little dog Emily with them. They tried to go to a membership campground in Rockport but got stuck in the mud there and had to use 4WD to get out. They came here instead and are staying until Wednesday.

The sun is great today with no wind--we'll pay for that later. The high gets to 68 degrees! This is more like it. Bob has a round with the new DVD recorder. The cable button is still pushed on the infamous black box since we needed it in Bastrop, but we have no cable here. He perseveres and gets the channels to scan in at last. After showers and checking email we head to Los Comales around 3:00. We have the windows open in the RV and it's 79 degrees in here!

There are two big tables full of people with a large trophy on one of the tables. They are celebrating something and keeping our waitress hopping. At last we get to order. I have my favorite here-El Yuccateco (eggplant with scallops and shrimp.) Bob has fish with sauteed veges. We take big go boxes home but first stop at HEB for fruit and chocolate cake for a little Valentine's celebration.. After reading the paper we picked up at the second place we tried, I take a walk. It's one mile around the permanent sites circle and back here.

No one is out and about on this gorgeous day; must be due to Valentine's. We watch the Olympics-Pairs skating short program. About 9:30 fierce wind gusts blow in with a cold front and rain. Our living room slide awning sounds like it will rip off. It scares me enough that I put my shoes on--a sure sign that I'm ready to run. Bob goes out to check the bikes that are parked in the 'down under' carport. They are not covered, just chained to the front jacks. Amazingly they are still standing upright. It's 9:55 p.m. and 47 degrees with 81% humidity.

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