Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Big Chill

Friday, January 29, we both woke up at 2:00 a.m.to wind and pouring rain. The front has arrived but the wind is not too bad--the wind is the worst part in an RV. It rains for hours and the pond is much more full when we get up and look out. The low was 41 degrees. It gets up to 50 or so but a chilly north wind blows and makes it feel colder. I stare at the digital picture frame while I sip my coffee. Bob loaded new pictures from the Auburn/Cord/Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, IN, last spring. It is fun to see how the car pictures mix in with Chihuly's glass picture when the frame is on random view.

I get on-line for emails. It is just rainy, dark, cold and windy--yuck! We have a light breakfast and I stretch and do my weights since I can't go out for a walk. Well, I guess I could but I choose not to. I'm waiting for the water to come back on; the RV Park turned it off unbeknownst to us. Bob starts a jigsaw puzzle while I reorganize the space underneath my closet now that we got rid of the big Windberg painting that we had hanging in The Beauty, our old RV (wow, that's the first time I said that and it sounded weird.) Anyway, that huge Windberg had no place to hang in our new home-on-wheels so we stored it. I'll miss it as it hung over the fireplace in our last two brick-and-stick homes. We also stored the folding chair that Bob used at the vanity in the bedroom in The Beauty, or should I say his fly tying desk? Plus we stored some paperwork and some boat things that were in the back of the camper shell on The Beast. We are pondering what to do with the extra space in the laundry closet in the bathroom. We need a 'big picture' plan on how to most effectively utilize our new-found space.

While I'm rearranging the closet the optical place calls and says my glasses are ready! We decide not to go anywhere as it is 41 degrees out at 12:30. We'll lose 6 to 8degrees if we turn the heaters off and leave. So I call Glenda and tell her we'll get our package on Saturday on the way back from Morelia's. She is snug with her quilting in front of the fire and opted out of her trip to Bastrop with her friend today.

Bob and I do drive down to the Shell station for a paper and scoot right back here. We have leftovers for lunch and dinner. It was good to clean out the fridge. We read the paper, work the puzzles and make progress on the jigsaw. It's 8:15 p.m. and 38 degrees with 51% humidity. There is snow and ice in the Texas Panhandle. Lubbock got hit hard. I hope Bob's Aunt Delphine is not buried under snow.

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