Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ocean Drive in Corpus Christi with Tom and Nan

Nan and Tom on the seawall along Corpus Christi Bay

Tuesday, February 16, I slept like a rock and got up and 7:30. This morning I caught up on correspondence and thank yous from our visit in Bastrop. After a light breakfast I go for a walk. First I went to the office where they pointed out the out-going mail on the far end of the parking lot. The mail lady is not here yet so I go home and get my letters. As I walk back I meet the mail gal on the parking lot. Perfect timing! It's 9:45 so I have to remember to get my mail out there before then.

Reet and Bob pause on the seawall in Corpus Christi Bay before walking out to the fishing pier behind us.

I proceed on my walk and meet Roxy and Nan coming back from their morning walk. Tomorrow we'll coordinate better. I didn't even think of mentioning it yesterday. Her sister calls so we say we'll meet at noon for lunch and I continue on my walk. No one is out and about over by the deeded lots. Back home to stretch, iron and shower. We go outside to put the back seat of Big Bertha up. Tom and Nan join us and we're off. The low is 41 degrees, no where near freezing like they said even though Bob shut off our water. The high gets to 57 degrees with a north wind the air feels chilly but the sun is out making it a much nicer day.

Nan, Tom and Bob enjoy the Corpus skyline

We head to Railroad Seafood Station in Corpus. Nan takes a cue from me and tries the Baltimore Crab Cakes. Drum for Bob and Crawfish Etouffe for Tom. We all enjoy the delicious broccoli slaw and we have 'go boxes.' Then we take Shoreline and Ocean Drive tour admiring palm trees and mansions where the other half lives. I take a photo of a Mom, daughter and grandson's first trip to "The Beach" out on the fishing pier in Corpus Bay. Nan notices our shadows on the water as we lean on the railing so I snap a shot of our silhouettes. I try to explain how rare this non-windy day is for this area. In a few days they will know what I'm talking about.

Bob, Tom, Nan and Rita cast shadows upon Corpus Christi Bay from the fishing pier!

The road is still closed by the Convention Center so we go across the Bay down by The Lexington. First we browse a beach gift shop. Nan finds purple and black beach shoes at a reasonable price. We walk to the front of The Lex for a photo op and then down the beach to the water's edge where a jellyfish floats by. The water is chillier than we thought it would be; a tribute to this harsh winter.

Nan poses by the huge Lex prop

I hop out for a Corpus Caller-Times at a gas station and we head home to Southern Oaks admiring the blue of the water with the sun out for the first time. We sit outside on site 202 concrete between our rigs at the picnic table after Bob and Tom move it to the pavement. I just had to snap a picture of their rig to show there is more than one way to 'Move on Down the Road!' We enjoy my friend Jean's Argentina Malbec wine-thanks so much! I bring Raspberry Jalapeno Jelly and cream cheese and trail mix. Nan adds nuts and crackers. By late afternoon we move inside to their Grand Junction as the wind is brisk.

Bob, Nan and Tom with The Lexington off shore

Roxy and Roscoe (their black and white cat) entertain us. Roscoe lets himself out the screen door! We have a nice chat until 7:30 when Bob and I head home. Our RV is chilly as we had the top vent open. We watch the Olympics--Snowboard Cross and Men's Figure Skating. It's 8:10 p.m. and 50 degrees with 42% humidity.

A jellyfish floats by

Bob, Tom and Nan gather for Happy Hour at Southern Oaks

Tom and Nan's Grand Junction 5th wheel, The Big Truck and The Smart Car!

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