Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cold at Los Comales!

Tuesday, February 23, I was up at 8:15 after staying up late for the Aerials on the Olympics. Those people are crazy who do that stuff. It is 46 degrees and that turns out to be the high for the day! Nana and I walk at 9:00 just before the cold front hits. Ann and Jerry from Washington invite us in to warm up in their cabana outbuilding. What a great laundry room. It's nice to visit with them and to warm up for a bit. My ears are frozen by the time we get back. Nan gives me the address of the pet food general store they want to check out. Bob Googles for it and it turns out to not really be in Corpus; it's at I37 and 77.) So we meet at 12:30 to go to lunch here in Rockport instead at Los Comales. They'll take The Smart to get the pet food another time. I send an email to try to get our RVing friends in other parks in the area together for a birthday lunch and dessert/happy hour on Friday for Bob.

The motorhome on our curbside left early this morning. That guy must have been from way up north as he packed up in shorts. Yikes! It is really raining as we pick them up. There are puddles in the holey parking lot as usual. I have the seafood-stuffed chicken breast, Bob has Red Snapper Lanostinos and Tom has Shrimp-stuffed Avocado. Nan finds a Mexican plate that has her happy on cold day. Mexican--the ultimate comfort food!

After lunch we drive to the Rockport Post Office so we can mail our Income Tax Return. Yeah! I'm done. Bob cruises through Laguna RV Resort nearby in Rockport. We get a San Antonio paper at Stripes and then drive through Rustic Cove, our RV Park we stayed in last year. Then it's back home in the cold rain. I work on journal pages and pictures all afternoon/evening.

Long, lost Dave returns our call. He and Marty will be here for happy hour on Friday. Old Bob and Frank are in Kansas until Saturday. Bob and I watch the ladies figure skating and women's Ski Cross. It's 7:50 p.m. and 40 degrees with 75% humidity. We hope to meet our Iowa RV friends, Tom and Shirley, in Port Lavaca tomorrow.

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