Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super Bowl with Glenda

Sunday, February 7, I wake up to clouds and a chilly morning. I stare at the digital pics next to my Euro chair and sip coffee. I read for a while and then go for a walk, stretch and have breakfast. Bob and I make Stuffed Cabbage Stoup and Nacho Cheese Dip to take to the game tonight. Marilynn calls as she pulls up out front to give me my completed tiger-eye necklace. It is beautiful! She rushes off to go home and make 'wings' for her Super Bowl Party tonight.

Bob gets the pictures loaded and edited in the digital picture frame and packs up the laptop to take to Glenda's. I call Patti to see how her birthday was yesterday. We had a nice chat. It is cold and snowy there. I left another voice message for Megan (I have a message from her when we return from Glenda's late tonight! She says she is feeling good and is 'on schedule' for Baby Frank on Saturday!)

I call Southern Oaks RV Resort in Aransas Pass around noon and make a reservation for one month. Then I sent an email to our RV friends Tom and Nan-Marie who we met in Ohio this summer as they may join us on the Coast. How fun!

Around 3:00 Bob and I head to Glenda's with our food and stuff. She meets us at the door saying "Who dat saying what day when dey do day?"...or some such thing that I never could get to roll off my tongue like she can. We have soup and nacho dip before the game. Poor Glenda is suffering from the high mold count in Central Texas and just doesn't sound like herself. Here I was thinking it was The Hill Country's famous Cedar Fever. I try to ten the fire in the first half but it is much better when Glenda and I switch seats at half-time and she takes care of the fire.

Bob loads photos of Bellingrath Gardens' Maids on her digital picture frame before the game starts. The Colts jump out to an early lead but the Saints prevail in a good game. One year ago Bob and I were with the rowdy bunch trying to cheer the Cardinals to victory in Toulouse Latrec Theatre on Carnival Conquest cruise ship. I was seasick and had a rough night until my drugs kicked in as the seas were unusually high for most of our cruise.

We pack up our food and bid Glenda farewell. She's going to Austin with me tomorrow. I'll pick hr up at 9:30 in the morning. It's 11:02 p.m. and 51 degrees with 82% humidity. The wind is out of the southeast. The high was 58 and the low was 42. We crash in bed and read the paper and work the puzzles until we doze off.

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