Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Maxine's with Glenda

Wednesday, February 3, I woke up at 8:15 on a board after tossing and turning and reading until 2:15 a.m. It rained all night and rains and mists most of the day. The high gets to 55 after a low of 48 degrees.

After breakfast I vacuum and clean the whole place. Bob copies CDs of old pre-digital pictures to the PC. For some reason the laptop can't read the Wal-Mart disc. Hmmm. Bob's back started hurting him in the middle of the night and really flares up this morning. At 9:00 I just catch Glenda as she's leaving for the food pantry. She will call us around 1:00 to meet for lunch at Maxine's in downtown Bastrop. She has to take Dan's mail to the post office in Bastrop and is waiting for us in Maxine's with a table as we pull up in the rain.

Burgers for Bob and Glenda; vege plate for me and Bob and I share. We have a fun lunch. It's always great to visit with Glenda. She is tenacious and finds me four quarters for my dollar in her purse for a newspaper out front. We return to our respective vehicles in the rain and she meets us at the RV Park. We have a nice chat and visit. I show her the earrings Marilynn made for me. We don't need them but we have Ghirardelli Symphony Brownies and hazelnut coffee. She leaves before the rush hour.

Bob and I read the paper. But first I find the photos on the Wal-Mart disc by opening our browser on-line. Bob loads the rest of the CD pictures and puts the only Maids from my journal on the digital picture frame. At 7:00 we watch the new Human Target and have leftover soup. It's 7:33 p.m. and 49 degrees with 89% humidity--Yes, it's raining.

We have an email from our Iowa RV friend Shirley about her encounter with the Naked Bookseller in Quartzite, AZ! I had heard about this guy but apparently Shirley had not and had a most abrupt encounter! Check him out at Naked Bookseller

The Austin paper had a cute story and photo of an armadillo in Texas acting as the official Texas groundhog yesterday.

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