Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Ladies at Morelias and UPS Stop at Glenda's

Liz, Rita, Peggy, Valerie and Marilynn at Morelia's in Elgin, TX
Saturday, January 30, I'm up at 7:45 a.m. to a low of 32 degrees! It is cold and windy, remaining partly cloudy all day so that it never has a chance to warm up very much. The high only get to 39. We finish the jigsaw puzzle we started yesterday first thing this morning so we can eat breakfast at the table like human beings.

I check my email around 10:00 as I realize I never even got on-line yesterday. I find an email from Elaine saying the bread lady is at the Bastrop Farmer's Market on Saturdays beginning at 9:30. I call Elaine right away and she's already down here on this cold morning, just arriving at the Farmer's Market. It's too bad I didn't see her email, Bob and I could have picked up the bread on our way to Elgin. Elaine says the lady has her delicious bread at Elgin's Farmer's Market by the Depot on Tuesdays. She says it is a slow crowd at the Bastrop location on such a chilly Saturday morning. I'm impressed that she's out and about so early.

I stretch and do my weights, then Bob and I get cleaned up. He takes Manny, Moe and Jack Frost off the wall so I can take them to Glenda's. And he brings our digital picture frame's memory stick so he can download the new Chihuly glass pictures to Glenda's frame.

Peggy shows off her new necklace to Valerie

We left at noon for Morelia's in Elgin. Valerie calls as we're on the way up Hwy 95. Liz, Peggy and her are meeting to come together and they will be about 15 minutes behind schedule. Bob and I pull up out front about 12:20 and Marilynn is right behind us. We get a table for eight. Marilynn and I go over my jewelry choices and changes. Around 12:50 Liz, Val and Peggy arrive. We have hugs all around. Liz and Val surprise me with Dunkin' Donuts French Vanilla and Starbuck's coffee. Peggy is looking great and I'm so glad she could make it. She has a sporty hat on and tells a fun story about trying to get her hubby to notice her hair growing back out. Liz says Lisa stayed home with Scout, her daughter, who just had knee surgery.

We order after our waiter's slip of the tongue when he asks "Are we ready ladies?" Bob gets up to leave. I can't say I would blame him as all of us gals get to cackling. What a great visit with my long-time pals. Liz tells a great story about the Medieval-themed birthday party she gave for Connor. HEB couldn't find her turkey legs she ordered and when they did, they didn't cook them like they agreed to. She discovered this two hours before the party. Talk about stress!

Glenda's baby quilt top

After we eat all of us gals ooh and aah over Marilynn's jewelry. She just keeps taking what seems like a hundred necklaces out of her box. Peggy finds a nice piece made of Aventurine, a form of translucent quartz, that she can't resist using her 'lunch money' for. I snap a picture as she tries it on. Bob captures all of us and all too soon we say our goodbyes.

I call Glenda before we leave to say we're heading to her place to pick up our package. She turns down my offer to bring her enchiladas, etc. As we pull up we spy our package on the porch that Glenda has covered along with her dead fern! She has a nice warm fire going inside, her sewing machine, ironing board, and her baby quilt top laid out on the floor in the den. I snap a picture of the bright yellows and greens that we worked so hard to pick out at Joann's Fabric a few weeks ago.

We have a nice visit. Bob tried to load Chihuly picture on her digital picture frame but our memory card reader won't fit in the USB port near her wireless mouse on the back of her PC. So we'll just bring our laptop next time.

At 7:30 we head home as the temperature is down to 35 degrees and we don't want our pipes to freeze. The living room is a chilly 50 degrees but all is well. It's 8:45 p.m. and 35 degrees with 65% humidity.

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