Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kay's Cafe-Farewell to Glenda

Friday, Feb. 12, Low 36: H 44, cloudy with a glimpse of sun late afternoon. After dishes I pack up the decor in prep for our move. It looks barren on The Titanic. We stayed so long in Bastrop my items on the soffett need dusting. It must be time to move on down the road. Bob dumps the holding tanks. Late last night I paid bills on-line and caught up journal pages (good things as it is eight days later before I post again!) I sent the Oven Parmesan Chips recipe to Joyce that we discussed. I check my niece Megan's Facebook (a daily event as her time gets near for Baby Frank) and discover Dallas has an all-time record 12.4 inches of snow!

I print the move check list; we have new items since our rearrangement here. We leave at 12:40 for Kay's Cafe on Hwy 71 to meet Glenda for lunch. Bob has Goodwill items in the truck that we want to drop off. Glenda is already on the parking lot when we pull up; we spied her Minnie Mouse on the antenna.

We browse the special board and order at the counter. Green Chili chicken Enchilada Casserole for me and Glenda with creamed spinach and avocado black-eyed pea salad. Bob has Cottage Pie (like Shephard's Pie.) Bob and I split Sweet Potato Pie for dessert. Glenda goes for Evil Brownies. We sure had a nice visit over lunch. Her son Dan and his wife Cheryl found a place to stay in New York. I'm glad about that.

The cold weather outside saves us from a long, sad goodbye so we have a quick parting. I really enjoyed our times together here over the past two months with Glenda. Bob and I stop at Goodwill by Pizza Hut and drop off a load of stuff we cleaned out since our move to The Titanic. We get diesel at Shell and a paper.

Back home I go through the mail again and get most of it filed, paid and recorded. Bob checks the air pressures, etc. and we bring the bikes in so we can tie them down. Tonight we enjoy opening ceremonies of the Olympics from Vancouver, BC. It's 7:20 p.m. and 40 degrees with 71% humidity. Three of the four monoliths leading to the cauldron come out of the stage floor. Oops! Wayne Gretzky, "The Great One"lights the torch. Sadly, a 20-year old Luge Olympian from Georgia died in a training run on the course today. Snow is on the ground in 49 of 50 states; only Hawaii has none. They looked on the mountains there but no go.

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