Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Antiques Corpus, Walk Golf Course and Happy Hour with Tom and Nan

Thursday, February 18, I got up at 7:00 to a cloudy day with a low of 47 degrees. The high gets to 60 later but the sun never really comes out. I send a postcard to Ken and Vivian our Minnesota RV friends who are down in Fulton for the winter. At 9:00 I walk with Nan and Roxy. I email Bud and Billie about happy hour at their place on Friday.

Nan is taking a rest today. Bob and I decide to go to Corpus via I-37 to Ben's Mini Mall but find it is out of business. Then we go east to Worth Repeating second hand store where we find three hardback presidential books for $2.00 each. I find two plastic clear bowls for 50 cents and three small potted plants for $1.00 for all three. We stop at Betty's Trash to Treasures but find nothing. We head home for leftovers for lunch.

Tom and Nan knock around 4:00 to say Kelly and Heather told them the Grand Opening for the clubhouse here at Southern Oaks is tomorrow at 5:30 with DJ music. So I email Bud and Billie and invite them over here for Happy Hour and the Grand Opening. Nan and Tom head to Wal-Mart. Bob and I go for a walk around the golf course-to-be here. Mosquitoes mob us as we walk four of the five existing holes that have been laid out. Our walk lasts 40 minutes but the mosquito bites hang around for a while.

We watch the Olympics and then take a look at one of Bud's Haiti CDs he left for us to look at. Tom and Nan come over bearing (Whew!) liverwurst, onions, horseradish sauce, crackers and wine. How fun! I add Crispy Thingies and Ritz PB Cookies that send Nan over the edge. What a fun evening we share watching the Olympics. They head home at 8:00. It's 8:06 p.m. and 56 degrees with 72% humidity. We see on the news that some nutcase in Austin crashes a plane into the IRS building. It seems he's mad about having no job and paying taxes, etc.

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