Friday, February 5, 2010

Kay's Cafe with Peggy and Michael

Thursday, February 4, rain on the roof woke me up in the middle of the night. It turns out that it rains most of the day too. The low was 47 degrees and it only gets up to a high of 50. Light breakfast in anticipation of lunch with our friends from our old Cedar Hills neighborhood. Afterwards I make Holly's Lemon Squares in the convection oven and am very pleased at how brown they got. I did not adjust the baking time on the recipe. I stretch while Bob loaded bicycle museum pictures on the digital frame. How fun! He found a new 'random' mode that does not include the clock. We get cleaned up and put the Goodwill donation bag 'down under.' Then we head out at 11:30 in a cold rain, stopping for a paper at Chevron.

We found Kay's Cafe east on 71 just past Colo Vista. We though Peggy (and Steve and Elaine last week) had called this new place Kathy's. So I tried to find a cell phone number for Peggy to call and make sure we had the right place. Unfortunately I only have her home phone. About that time Michael comes out the door. They are already inside. The decor is cute. I love the little girl's play kitchen stove, fridge and sink in bright red over in the corner. I can't believe I didn't take a picture.

Kay's has 6 or 7 daily specials with a list of sides. Michael and I both try the Chicken Kathryn (owner's name according to our waitress in spite of the Kay's Cafe sign--go figure!) This special of the day is chicken breast in wine sauce over rice with 2 sides and a beverage for $7.99. We both opt for green beans with tomatoes and Avocado Black-eyed Pea Salad-a tasty concoction. Peggy has the chopped steak special and Bob goes for a cute individual casserole dish of lasagna. We chat for a bit and learn they leave on Monday for El Paso to stay with their three grandchildren through Feb. 20th for their daughter who plans to join her hubby who's in Virginia for their anniversary. We eye the great-looking sweet potato pie but dessert is aboard The Titanic.

We adjourn to the RV Park where we give those guys the grand tour of the inside as it is still pouring rain outside. They both seem to like our floorplan. They have a travel trailer and have looked at quite a few of them. We have a nice visit and enjoy lemon squares and coffee. We say farewell in the late afternoon after viewing 'down under' outside with only a light mist falling. I'm sure glad we were able to get together before we all leave town. I hope we can meet up on the road sometime.

We read the paper, have leftovers and relax. It's 6:40 p.m. and 47 degrees with 91% humidity--yes, it's raining! We watch the Mentalist at 9:00. First I leave a voice message for my niece Megan again. Then I have a nice chat with Mom and Dad. They have had temps in the single digits and strong winds with sub-zero chill factors (-30 per Dad.)

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