Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Roxy!

Sandie finds a cozy spot in my Euro chair.

Wednesday, February 17, I was up at 7:30 after finishing my book at 2:00 a.m. The low is 44 and the high gets to 59 today although it feels warmer as the wind is out of the ESE. When Bob gets up I do a quick vacuum after checking email. Yesterday my niece Megan's Facebook said she was gardening the day before as it helped her Mom with getting the baby to come. All she got was an aching back. I sent a comment that Uncle Bob hopes for a fewmore days for a fellow-Pisces!

Bud and Bob aboard The Titanic

At 9:00 I walk with nan and Roxy. Nan says Roxy is seven years old toady and we have a mission to get an ice cream cake! It is a nice, sunny morning for a walk. How fun to have a walking partner. Tom's propane bottle is out front as they need a refill. I mention to Nan the place we got it in Fulton in past years but I didn't realize how far back north that is on 35. So when he knocks to ask directions Bob tells him to go for the place the office told him about in Aransas Pass by Wal-Mart.

Windmill blades embedded by past hurricane in live oak tree just off Aransas Bay in Fulton, TX

I stretch while Bob showers. Then I do dishes and make Ritz PB Cookies. I squeeze in my ironing and get myself cleaned up. Bud, Billie and their dog Sandie arrive at 11:45. It sure is great to see them. We give them the tour of The Titanic. Tom and Nan come over and we have introductions. Bud tells us stories of his recent three weeks in Haiti after the earthquake. It sounds like a lot of trauma and seems like an incredible experience. Sandie makes himself at home right away in my Euro chair.

Nan shows Roxy her birthday cake as we all sing Happy Birthday!

Soon we head to Charlotte Plummer's Restaurant on Fulton Beach Road. Billie and I have to have the Shrimp Sholten. Nan gets the shrimp sampler. Tom has a seafood combo platter. Bob of course has the oysters. And Bud enjoys the oysters on the halfshell. We have a nice visit and enjoy our waitress from last year. We all walk over to TJ's Beach Shop afterwards. Billie gets some gift certificates and her and Bud leave with a promise to meet for drinks on Friday.

Roxy had way too much DQ Ice Cream Cake!

Roxy never did read her name on the cake but it sure looked pretty!

The rest of us tour the Beach Road and find the windmill in the tree behind Fulton Mansion, deposited there by a prior hurricane. Bob drives out to view the homes along Paradise Key. And Tom gets to snap a picture of the leaning live oaks that form an umbrella-like canopy as they lean away from the salt spray. We stop for bird viewing at the now-defunct Off the Hook Restuarant that we loved so much. And we stop at HEB in Aransas Pass for beveages, produce and snack food. One last stop at the DQ in Aransas Pass for Ice Cream Birthday Cake for Roxy, the black lab. Tom has to hide while Nan has them write Roxy in icing on the cake. Bob comments that the dog probably won't know since she can't read. Nan says "But I'll know!"

Roscoe gets ready to pounce!

Back at Southern Oaks we join them within the hour to celebrate Roxy's 7th Birthday. I take pictures as Nan lights the candles. Yikes, Roscoe takes a flying leap onto the tablecloth to inspect the candles and almost knocks the whole works on the floor. I have visions of the RV going up in flames. Bob looks around for the fire extinguisher. Fortunately tragedy is averted and we calm our nerves with ice cream and chocolate fudge cake. Roxy only gets the vanilla ice cream part on top. We have a nice visit until 9:00. Oh my, how did it get that late?

Roscoe never did get any cake but he enjoys a nap by the fire anyway

We watch the Olympics; Men's Ice Skating long program and Snowboarding. It's 9:55 p.m. and 61 degrees with 51% humidity.

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