Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Peddlar show, Robstown, TX

Sunday, February 21, I was up at 7:00 to sip coffee, get on-line and work on journal pages. First I send emails to Glenda and Holly regarding my new Great Nephew! Holly's son is named Ethan Edge (his middle name is her maiden name.) At 9:00 I walk with Nan and Roxy. It mists and then gets worse so we only go around once. My hair gets drenched anyway. Back home I clean up so we can leave at 10:00 in The Smart (as they call their Smart Car.) It is my first time to ride in one and I find it very roomy and good for my back. They have 20,000 miles on it in just over a year.

We cross the bridge to Corpus and go north on I-37 to SPID to 44 west to Hwy 77 (in spite of the Garmin wanting us to go another way. We find the Fairgrounds at 77 and 44 but can't find the right building until we drive around back. We arrive at 10:45 so we have a 15 minute wait outside. It is not raining and soon the gates open. We use my coupon to get in 2 for $5.00. First stop of course is the restrooms and then we browse the booths.

There is some great jewelry here. And we try all of the dips, cheese ball mixes, jellies, etc. We get New Canaan Farms Cherry Preserves and Pumpkin Butter. Roasted nuts and Chocolate Amaretto nuts catch our eye so we take a break and get Cokes and munch on popcorn on the bleachers above the crowd. After our break we find a whole other building in the back. So we have another pit stop and take our packages to The Smart and head back in to do the rest of the booths.

Nan gets a unique black fossil medallion, silver blue earrings and a buffalo charm (Oops, perhaps I'm blabbing as Tom will probably read this! But she has already worn two of them as of a week later when I'm posting this.) Everything I buy you can eat; cheese ball mixes, dip mixes and jams. We head back to the car in bright sunshine at 3:15. A guy waiting for his wife in a truck parked next to us says "Everybody that comes by sure takes a look at your little car." Nan says "Yeah, I get that a lot!" Nan is nice enough to stop in Portland so I can hop out and get a newspaper.

We check with the guys about going for Mexican. Everybody's in for 5:00. Bob set all of the clocks to the same time. We are having trouble with our Atomic clock so he's trying to synchronize. He did various other things on his list while we were gone today. It's 4:46 p.m. and 70 degrees. The high was 71 and the low was 59 with 68% humidity. I have a new picture of Ethan from my nephew Travis. What a cute baby boy!

The four of us head to Pepito's where Bob and Tom have the Shrimp Tacos. I have one of my favorites; Cucumber and Cilantro Chicken Enchiladas, Nan has a tasty looking combo. Back at the RV Park Tom joins Bob for beer and the Olympics while Nan and I go for a walk with Roxy. We join them to watch the Men's Ski Cross. I show Nan the jewelry my friend Marilynn made for me. We see the first set of Ice Dancing. US defeats Canada's hockey team. We all call it a night.

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